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  1. I didn't make it up in June, but I was able to make it this past weekend. Great time, great facility, but incredibly hot. Here are a couple videos from my first time at the track. Best if listened to with high volume to hear the joyous music from the exhaust. Fastest Lap 2.13 Full session:
  2. Eagles Canyon is having their monthly track day on June 23rd (0800 - 1700) and I plan on being their for my first spin at this track. Info on their track day is here: http://eaglescanyon.com/track-info/track-days/ and their calendar is here: http://eaglescanyon.com/calendar/ . https://goo.gl/maps/kCQPEjcBjAr
  3. Mustang6g.com has posted information about Ford recalling certain GT350's due to insufficient crimps causing an oil leak and possible fire. Here is a copy of the recall notice I got from owner.ford.com
  4. I'm using a GoPro mounted to the outside of the back window for the rear view with an external microphone clipped to the license plate to capture exhaust sounds. I'm using a GoPro knock off up front mounted to inside of the windshield, but will be switching to a true GoPro since I've had some problems with reliability. I use TrackAddict on my smart phone to capture the stats and mount it next to the camera with the help of a OBDII sensor from OBDLink (MX Bluetooth model). I put it all together with the RaceRender application.
  5. Here are a couple videos from this past weekend. There were a total of 5 GT350's at the event. I'll be at Nola in November w/NASA. Day One fastest time of 2:07 Day Two fastest time of 2:04
  6. I posted some videos from my event at MSR Houston on Labor Day. Here is a link to the post http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/91931-nasa-tx-labor-day-bash-at-msr-houston/
  7. Here are a couple videos from my recent NASA Texas HPDE. This was a very hot, humid September weekend, but the GT350 held up wonderfully. The first video is my fastest lap of the day and the second was a session that shows me working through traffic. If you haven't had the chance to track your GT350 yet, it is a must as the car is a joy to drive. If you are interested in HPDE, NASA is a great place to learn: http://nasaproracing.com
  8. For anyone that would like to cruise up with us (whether you are running or just looking for a chance to cruise), here is the route we will be taking. Early registration is from 6:00pm - 10:00pm on Friday so we will be leaving San Antonio on Friday August 14th from the Costco on IH35 & 1604 at 1:00pm. We will then stop at the Buc-ees in Bastrop about 2:15 (or so). From there we will head to TWS at about 3:00pm and arrive at about 4:30. We will be checking in at the various hotels and get on the road to the track about 6:00pm for early tech. We will grab some dinner after that about 7:00pm (not sure where just yet). If anyone is in the area and would like to come along we would love to have some more company. There will be parade laps on Sat and Sun during lunch, so drop by if you are free.
  9. There was a track guys farewell in March that we went to. it turns out there is some delay between the owner and the developer and the track is slated to be open through the rest of the year. We will be driving up on the 14th, staying for the event on the 15th and 16th and then driving back home on the 17th. It would be great to see you come down and take a spin while you have the chance.
  10. Members of the San Antonio Shelby Club will be attending a performance driving event at Texas World Speedway Aug 16 & 17th. The owners were supposed to turn over ownership to the developers, but for what ever reason, it didn't happen. Right now they are scheduled to be open until the end of the year. It would be great to see some other Shelby owners out there hitting the track. If you are interested in attending to drive, or to watch, please let us know. We will be heading up from San Antonio Friday afternoon and as I get more information I'll post it here.
  11. Looking forward to being there.
  12. The San Antonio Shelby Club will be there. We are heading east and meeting up with the Houston club at a location TBD.
  13. The San Antonio Shelby Club is going to cruise up on Friday morning if anyone in the area would like to come with us. We also plan on stopping by the Texas Cobra Meet for a quick get together at their event. We will stop by their hotel and then go by Harris Hill Raceway to meet up with those at the driving event. The timeline and route are below: Google Maps Route 11:00am Leave Costco north of 1604 on 35N 11:30am Meet up with Texas Cobra meet at the Embassy Suites 12:30pm Head to Harris Hill to synch up with Texas Cobra Meet at Harris Hill 1:45pm Leave Harris Hill and head towards Texas World Speedway 2:45pm Stop for lunch along the way 3:45pm Arrive at hotel(s) at College Station
  14. There are going to be 6 members from the San Antonio Shelby Club will be there. We will be cruising up on Friday afternoon. I'll post more information on the route as we get it.
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