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  1. Florian: Those do look really sharp. Gotta get some of them. Thanks for the pic and the instructions. Something for me to do while the car sits in my garage waiting for spring. Thanks again. Kevin
  2. I'm confused (which can be easy at times). Shelby Parts has lighted door sill plates for the 2007-2014 model years including the SS's. However, my door plates do not light. How are these going to work? The installation link comes up as a bad link. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks. Hope everybody is having a good new year. Kevin
  3. Say you owned a '12 SS and drove it about 3K a year due to weather restrictions, when would you have the radiator flushed? Just curious. Kevin
  4. Must be a sailor too, used the word "aft" three times. Good luck with your sale. Great car.
  5. Nice here in Minnesota until yesterday. Put her away on Sunday. Five or six months of cold, wet, salt and dirt. Then, three months of pot holes and asphalt fill. Boy I love living here.
  6. Anybody know if there will be stateside distribution of the 2015 ShelbyForum.DE calendar like in 2013? I enjoy these and was disappointed no 2014's were available in the U.S.A.
  7. Anybody know of a place that can repair an Alcoa SS wheel? I have a spare but don't want to use it yet. Thanks. Kevin
  8. I've had this problem since day one but only at certain times. Sometimes, it'll idle as high as 1800 for quite a while. I was told by SA that this was normal depending on the conditions. It doesn't happen often, but goes away after I pull away. I have found that it does it less if I let the engine slow down with it in gear (as opposed to coasting in neutral).
  9. I hate to fly for many reasons and I really don't like to travel places I can't drive too. I miss out on a lot of what the world's cultures have to offer, but, it seems no place is safe anymore from either war, disease, or idiotic shootings. Count your blessings everyday you rise in the morning and be thankful every night you survived another day.
  10. I found the fuse box, but old age prevents me from laying on my back and locating the proper fuse. However, all my courtesy lights work just fine.
  11. 06: Well, I'm not sure. According to SPP all the SS's done at SAI did, but mine have never lit. I think SPP might be mistaken but before I take it to the dealer and pay fo them to see if it's something minor, I'd sure like to get a diffinative answer. Anybody know who I can ask that would know for sure?
  12. Ok, called SPP and was told that if SA made my SS, that I automatically have lighted door sill plates. Mine have never lit. I didn't do anything because I didn't know they were supposed to be. SPP says if they don't light, it's because either: 1. They are not connected. Possible but neither side lights so what are the chances BOTH aren't connected. 2. Burned out fuse. I have no idea which fuse it would be and the fuse box is impossible to get to, but if anybody knows which fuse it might be, please let me know. Anybody able to shed some light (pun intended) on my issue? Thanks in advance. Kevin
  13. I had brake squeal and the pads needed replacing on my '12. So, I went with Porterfields. Worst decision made. They were the noisiest I've ever heard. Had them taken off with only 200 miles and went back to Wilwoods BP-10's. Much better but the squeal is still there just not nearly as bad. I hate pulling into a car show and having brakes squeal.
  14. And then there is always the question "Is it a replica"?
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