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  1. Glad to see mature people driving these cars. Good for you.......
  2. BUSTER I thought I heard you went to China... You had got a job pissing on their investments..
  3. Don't know if he still has his ride, but I still do.. 8 yrs and counting. Same colour.
  4. Very nice change.. Congrats.. Please do try the clear turning lens as Robert M suggests. You will be greatly surprised by the appearance.. GL
  5. LOL Good for the buyer to ask the question.. Seller's friends must work at a stealership.
  6. WOW some people never learn till its to late . Ouch Pls keep posting, very funny though.
  7. Morning OP So what did you do? Are you satisfied with your decision?
  8. Robert M, yes this is a great front upgrade.. I did mine a year ago on my 08 vapour silver/blk stripes and the change was a 10. I left the clear bulb in and was pulled over twice in one week. I then put the amber bulb in and not [police stops.. At least 6 Shelby GT500 owners have changed since they saw mine. During the day the clear lens give a beautiful clear appearance . At night, only a small portion is amber like yours..
  9. Like CS said... It's in the driving experience.. Raw power beats any human car comforts, My 08, 650rwhp is the most fun and enjoyable ride I have ever experienced. Never once do I ever "YAWN" when driving her. 07-09 best looking gt500 and SS version. imo
  10. Bad this happened to such a dream car, happened on the track where she belongs.. Fix and race another day.
  11. Welcome OP. Too bad u r having an issue already.. Read about McLeod and Spec clutches. both rate high. GL
  12. Enjoy the ride, newbie... As for mods ..drive her first ,then YOU decide.. KR mufflers for sure.. lol
  13. lco R u going to open the engine or just look at all connections..
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