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  1. I have monitored this site for quite some time. As I also monitor the Ford GT site. I first saw your post regarding the BOSS 500, quite a while ago, and actually agreed with it. Your latest post prompted me to sign up and reply. That explains the new member status. I live in NV and would welcome you anytime to visit talk cars and see some of my new and old Fords, if you have any interest?
  2. Gee, it is quite obvious you have a problem with Ford. Too bad, life is to short to hold such grudges. I appreciate and have owned muscle cars from all of the big three and despite your very in-depth research into racing history am still a Ford fan. I simply do not have the time to research the topic as you do. Time for me to move on, God Bless and enjoy your car, whatever brand it happens to be.
  3. Most Ford fans are not gullible. We fully understand that the Ford Motor Company is a sponsor of JFR and that the motors, bodies, etc. are custom built/fabricated pieces, and yes the engine design does emulate the "old" Chrysler Hemi design. Somewhat similar to the NASCAR cars of today, the certainly are not "stock" cars. I for one, am proud of the Ford sponsorship of JFR as it brings back memories from the Ford racing accomplishments of the 1960's; Lemans, Trans AM, SCCA, Cobra Jet - NHRA etc.. I am also proud of the fact that Ford remains a strong company that continues to support many forms of racing and is about to introduce a 650 HP street car. I too admire Chrysler and GM, but let's face it, they have not weathered the storm in the same manner as Ford. Both actually went bankrupt, one now owned by Fiat and the other still with a significant interest held by the US Government.
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