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  1. 07SGT0527 (SC) checking in. Turned over 90,000 last week so I took her in for her first tune up and supercharger service. Both are recommended at 100K miles as you all know but the timing was right to get it done a little early. Just got back from a little 30 mile round trip to meet some friends for sushi and beer and my love for the car was renewed. Not that I ever lost that feeling, but between the new Koni setup done over the Summer and the tune the car feels so solid and so new. I know you all get the same feeling. I just had to comment.
  2. The Koni's were installed today along with the GT500 mounts and a four-wheel alignment. Thanks to this site I was aware of the need to change the mounts, but thanks for the tip anyway. The Koni's came set in the middle of the adjustment range and that's where I left them. The adjustment looks very easy to do. I left the original springs in place because I love how the car sits. After a short test drive before accepting the car and the three mile drive home so far I am happy. Ride is improved, steering feels great, and it just seems to feel more planted. As you say, the final verdict will be after driving it for a few hundred miles so stay tuned. And thanks for your interest!
  3. Thanks for the feedback ITHERTZ66. I decided to pull the trigger on the Yellows after all. I learned they come from the factory on the "full soft" setting so we'll see. They're supposed to be delivered May 1 or 2.
  4. At 88,000 miles it's well past time to change shocks and struts from the originals. I set my sights on Koni Yellow but a friend suggested Koni Red. I had not heard of this version. When I looked into it I got the impression that they don't seem like much more than replacement for OEM Mustang GT parts. Does anyone have experience or a suggestion? My car is just a weekend driver. Not tracked. That said I greatly enjoy carving corners when the opportunity presents itself. Thanks for your help. Hope to see a lot of you at the Fabulous Fords Forever show this Sunday! It's going to be very different this year not being at Knott's Berry Farm.
  5. I just found out about this; http://lyonairmuseum.org/event/carroll-shelby-tribute Late notice since the event is Saturday morning but those of us close to John Wayne Airport may be interested.
  6. Link to another one I just stumbled upon; https://www.ebay.com/itm/2007-Ford-Mustang-Shelby-GT-/292912421205
  7. I am proud to announce that today is the ten year anniversary of my purchase of 07SGT0527. I wanted to own a Shelby branded vehicle since I was 14 years old and the day I made this deal was one of the happiest of my life. I'm a frequent lurker and rare contributor to these forums but I want everyone to know that I greatly value the content available here and my membership in Team Shelby. My daughter and I never miss the Knotts Ford Show every April. This year was special because for the first time we actually went into the Team Shelby area to talk with other members and get a drink of water (nothing stronger was available unfortunately). The icing on the cake was that Tracy happened to be there so we had a chance to meet and have a chat with her, which was great. But I digress. My Shelby has just under 85,000 miles on it now. It feels just as special to take it on the road now as it did when I first brought her home. I just love the car.
  8. 07SGT0527 Black with black 500 Whipple.Installed at Tuttle-Click Ford in Tustin, CA
  9. Hat in black or white would be great. T-shirt would be a bonus. Flex-fit is a great suggestion. Thanks for the effort!
  10. Thanks for the invitation Nick! I didn't know about those gatherings. I just learned about a weekly Cars and Coffee event on Wardlow in Corona Saturday mornings too. Guess its time to get out from under my rock and get to know my fellow Shelby enthusiasts.
  11. The wife and I are looking forward to our little road trip up to the Paso Robles wine country from our Orange County home tomorrow. That's because we're taking our SGT (07SGT0527) up for this trip for the first time in over two years. The car is all cleaned up from the Fabulous Fords Forever show last week so the timing is perfect. No, we didn't enter, but damn, I detailed the hell out of the car just for it to sit in the Sears parking lot. I have my pride!
  12. 2007 SGT/SC #0527. Black. Like some others I can't explain what took me so long to list my car. Purchased August '08. I'm the second owner. Love the car. Had 4K on the clock when I bought her and now has just over 71K. Took all the stripes off a couple of years ago and like the look, but lately I've been considering replacing the "over the top" stripes. Might gain a few HP that way.
  13. Haven't received my 2015 TS kit so far. If the card was declined it's because I went through an identity theft problem late last year that required me to cancel all my bank accounts and start new ones. I'm good for it...really I am!!! Please let me know.
  14. 07SGT 0527 checking in. Nice list. Thanks!
  15. I've wanted to make the scoop on my 07SGT (0527, black, 450 HP Whipple) functional ever since installing the replacement in April 2013. I have no excuses for not doing it other than not making it a priority. Well, the gods seems to have given me some incentive. After washing the car yesterday I noticed that the fiberglass (?) block in the front of the scoop was not perpendicular to the opening by a lot. In fact the left corner of the block was beyond the opening of the scoop. So I pulled on it just a little and in about two seconds the block came free (see attached pic). A little quick detail spray to clean up the dirt that was behind the block and IMO the car looks so much better without it. Just a little meaner. So as I said earlier now's the time to make it functional. My plan is to remove the hood, flip it on its back and cut a hole from the inside. I really don't want to remove the scoop. Is that a viable plan? All tips and advice from the experts who have done this are welcomed and appreciated.
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