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  1. I am trying to figure out how to get the free T Shirt. The letter that came with the kit claims "next time you visit WWW.shelbystore.com and the shirt is free" Once I am in there I see nothing about the free shirt. Any help would be great. Erich
  2. So that last photo pretty much sums up what the price point will be Why can't they make something for a DD that if you get a scuff or rock chip in it you are not paying a grand for a new wheel
  3. I have them in chrome. They are quality wheels, there was no problem balancing them either. I would buy them again in a second. Yes I would rather have True Forged or even real SS wheels but in reality my car is a daily driver and putting $4000 worth the wheels on it is not practical. I really need to update my sig.
  4. Why people still deal with them is beyond me. Every GT500 website has threads similar to this.
  5. I figured I would get made fun of. It would be a different story if I did not have a vert and could go to a track. I am a very careful driver and don't feel comfortable driving at excessive speed on public roads, not because I don't trust myself it is everybody else I worry about.
  6. I am not sure if this is the one you are talking about, they are selling them on their Ebay store. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2010-2014-MUSTANG-SHELBY-LOGO-BATTERY-BOX-COVER-FRONT-FACING-/171412284084?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item27e8f7e2b4&vxp=mtr
  7. How many of us are actually doing 200MPH? I have been over 80MPH 1 time in the 2 years I have owned my car.
  8. They have them online as well. http://www.steinmart.com/search;pgid=bilUcD4yf4pSRpJAcf4_RnT50000A4sMamnK;sid=dcSx83BJ7Mmw8yO9Miri90BD0X3QwHKHH0Mkogvn?SearchTerm=shelby
  9. They have the fifty years super snake wheels up now. $4200.00 Quite the profit they are making on them.
  10. I just checked the newest auctions listed and the shipping is much more reasonable. I think you will find that there will be a lot more action from buyers.
  11. Thanks for the clarification AJ. You may want to have your guy change the setting when you create the listings as I am sure you are scarring many possible customers away with the outrageous shipping charges that are listed. I sell many many things on Ebay and have never let Ebay calculate the charges. I put an amount in there and let it fly.
  12. Not sure I-95 is the way to go, think I-75. It goes through Atlanta and I can't think of a busier freeway in the area. Plus you have the biggest airport in the country right there.
  13. I wonder what happened? Becker was trashing Shelby any chance he could there for a while. Hopefully the shop will be in Georgia. Sugar Hill is about 25 miles from my home.
  14. This kind of stuff really makes me rethink doing business with a company. He was the best thing to happen to SA in a long time. Unless there are some uncool things we don't know about.
  15. Jer is no longer with the company so go to plan B
  16. I am truly sad to hear this. We do not know that he was let go, maybe some other company saw what he was doing and threw him some $$$$$ that SA could not match. Just a thought.
  17. I really hope that means you are not going to do this again. PLEASE SAY YOU ARE.
  18. I had a distant relative who lived in PA that was named Larry Brown................................ I wonder what the hammer price will be?
  19. I just got mine from BMC Extreme Customs in Jersey. They really are nice wheels for the money. I will have some pics in the next week or two when I get back home.
  20. Sorry Jer. You gotta tell your Facebook guy not to post it until you are ready
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