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  1. I am surprized that nobody has mentioned this yet. http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/z75-sh0052.htm
  2. Steve If you click on the link on top of this page it take you to the CSF website in Gardenia, CA. Once in that website if you hit store button it takes you to Carroll Shelby Merchandise website that you say is not affilated. If they are not affiliated like you said why is there a direct link to them? Something does not add up and I am still confused. Erich
  3. You may not be able to answer this but is it not the old bait and switch if they have nothing to do with the CSF? It says right on their home page "Carroll Shelby Foundation Official Store". Had I known they have nothing to do with CSF I never even would have gone to the website.
  4. Steve, This is the one I am tlaking about. http://www.carrollshelbymerchandise.com/foundation_store Now I am really confused. Is this store owned by the Shelby Foundation?
  5. This is by no means a dig at his foundation. Every year I give my wife a list of things that I would like for Christmas, she gets a couple of them for me and I am surprized as to what I end up with. I also admit that I am pretty hard to buy for since if I want something I just buy it. Anyway one of the things I told my wife I wanted was a t-shirt that I found in The Carroll Shelby Foundation store. I had sent a link to her a couple of months ago and forgot about it. Today she calls me and says "you know I love you very much but I am not spending $26.00 for shipping one shirt" I said what are you talking about. She told me about the Shelby shirt I had told her about. I said are you sure that is the cheapest shipping and she assured me it was. I just looked at the website and sure enough shipping was $26.00 for basic ground shipping. One would think they would sell a heck of a lot more if they had resonable shipping. I am still floored.
  6. Laughable. This is me running away from it
  7. My wife told me I got a package from Shelby delivered on Thursday. I can only assume it is the kit.
  8. 14 weeks and still nothing. I think I deserve a 20% discount instead of the normal 10%
  9. Amazing you joined almost two months after me and I still don't have my pack. I even emailed the the guy Sharron said to. All I can do is
  10. It has been 9 weeks. I have been very patient, WHERE IS MY MEMBER KIT?
  11. That car only had 800 miles. Seems like a really good price.
  12. Yes many dealers are trying at add the markup. There are still plenty that don't add it and many where you can buy below MSRP.
  13. I have taken my GT500 to SS Ford for warranty work a couple of times. The first time they fixed the problem the second time not so much, I still need to get it back there but working 6 days a week out of town makes that hard.
  14. I renewed my membership on 7/10/13 and have not received anything acknowledging that I renewed. I thought we were supposed to get the kit even on renews.
  15. Looking at Motor City Solutions website it looks like it was used for media loans or car shows.
  16. I know it's not close to Phoenix but a couple of stations in Lake Havasu sell race gas.
  17. Jer, If I order in the next week how long of a wait do you anticipate?
  18. I am pretty sure you can't go 315 if you are lowered. I have the CS1 wheels with 315s and I would rub if I lowered. See Pic
  19. estedman

    GT 500

    Reading some other forums, it looks March
  20. I had a great time this past weekend as well. I also had somebody ask me if the car was electric, the only thing I can think of is because we were right by all the other electric cars they thought these were too. Thanks again Gary. Erich
  21. I will be there on the 26th and 27th. Erich
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