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  1. First of all I would like to thank Jer for making my order right. I had ordered the Bar back before Christmas and after a couple of weeks it did not show up. I emailed Jer and let him know. After a day or two he figured out what was wrong. They were out of stock, he sent me the one from his office that was used for the photo on the website and was also going to be for his car. I sprayed it with a SIlver Metalic paint and installed this weekend. I have also included a couple of other photo's of my car.
  2. Figures right when I was getting ready to place an order. Jer, What kind of restock time are we looking at?
  3. I believe they are still making them. It does not matter that they are making the 13's. They are still making 2007 Super Snake's.
  4. That is really a nice piece. I will be buying one.
  5. They just posted this photo on Facebook
  6. I never used a discount when I originally signed up in July. Is it to late to use it now?
  7. I have been to this area before and it is pretty neat and a nice area. http://www.thevillages.com/
  8. Take it to the dealer, warranty issue.
  9. My membership is up until mid 2013, can I renew now to get the discount?
  10. There are not a lot of choices out there. How about a Shelby one.
  11. Here is my set of Gunmetal CS1s with Invos 275s on the front and 315s on the back.
  12. My thoughts are to find a supplier that is willing to make 200-400 sets of the exact wheel without the Super Snake logo. Just have the Shelby logo in there. These wheels sell for so much on ebay and the other sites I can't believe you would not be able to sell a couple hundred sets.
  13. Robert, At the time I ordered I was not aware of the difference with the part. I also was not asked what engine I was ordering for. I told the guy on the phone I want the billet caps that are on sale. That was it, I just want the correct handle, what do I need to do to get it. Thanks, Erich
  14. Thanks. Now I know there is a difference. When I placed the order I was not asked on the phone which set I wanted. I there a way to just change out the handle?
  15. Did you people even look at the photo I sent? The whole "nipple" part is missing. I don't understand why the very people who sell this stuff can't comprehend what is missing. This is what it should look like http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/6750.htm
  16. Robert, Thanks for checking into it. Please keep me informed.
  17. I ordered the same set and the connector part on the oil dip stick handle is missing. I called customer service and was told to send a picture, that was last week and still have not heard anything. I called after 4 days and was told there is only one person checking email. This is unacceptable. How hard is it to send me another part?
  18. I know of somebody who got one and he is claiming that it appears that the car was barely driven, under 30 miles.
  19. I am writing this one off. I don't think it's happening.
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