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  1. I have them in chrome. They are quality wheels, there was no problem balancing them either. I would buy them again in a second.


    Yes I would rather have True Forged or even real SS wheels but in reality my car is a daily driver and putting $4000 worth the wheels on it is not practical.


    I really need to update my sig.

  2. I would like to make a clarification on the shipping charges. The shipping costs you see on eBay are calculated by eBay, not Shelby. Tom, our Ebay manager, has actually been adjusting the shipping charges down to the real numbers on the winning bids. You can check on your invoices.


    As far as the online store goes, we are charging the same for shipping as any small business would. We are using the same systems as most of other businesses do. People tend to forget that we are not Amazon or Zappos, so we cannot offer free shipping to our customers (yet).


    If you want to arrange for your own shipping on bigger items in case you can get a better rate, please give us a call and we can accommodate you.



    Thanks for the clarification AJ. You may want to have your guy change the setting when you create the listings as I am sure you are scarring many possible customers away with the outrageous shipping charges that are listed.


    I sell many many things on Ebay and have never let Ebay calculate the charges. I put an amount in there and let it fly.


    The shop will not be located where my CSX Shelby Cobra Dealership is now - I am focusing on ability of folks to get to the shop easy (think I-95) I want allot of traffic and a major interstate within spitting distance of the shop - SGB

    Not sure I-95 is the way to go, think I-75. It goes through Atlanta and I can't think of a busier freeway in the area. Plus you have the biggest airport in the country right there.

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