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  1. Jeez and I just called a dealer in Charleston, SC, they wanted 55k over. They said the market was seeing an average of 50-60k adm's. I blew up on him.
  2. You really think they'll make another 500 that soon?
  3. Still haven't found one below 12k adm, called sooooo many dealers for the r. :/
  4. Got returned email saying undelivered did it change from wind stream?
  5. Ya I meant the 2016's, the allocations are out for those and I swear I can't find one for less then 10k adm
  6. Dang well I've called everyone yall have mentioned and not one has anything yet, a few of them have been sold tho.
  7. Thank ya brotha, I'll definitely hollar at them tomorrow.
  8. I'll travel where ever it'll be a fun road trip
  9. So I had to let the gt500 go for my house, and now I've got that new car feeling again. I can't find a dealer in va who would do near msrp for a gt350r. Anyone have any suggestions?
  10. So far I guess I'm leanin more towards the 350r but Ya second mortgage and huracan = win
  11. Such a hard decision because I loved my 2013 so much!! Wonder if they'll be any gt350's on the dealership lots
  12. I've seen that YouTube video where they ask if that's a gt500 on the drag strip running times, but that's it. Edit: there was also an article I read back in February about it.
  13. So I've had a 2012 500, a '13 500, and I loved them ridiculously too much according to the gf. Well I got rid of them to get a house about 6 months ago, which guess what has a garage without a dream car in it. I've been saving money to get another, however I don't know if I should bite the bullet and get the gt 350 or wait for a possible, not yet known future 500. I guess I'm just looking for details on whether or not there are plans for one, and would a 350 satisfy the power hungry part of me that loved my '13 so much. Thanks, Cory
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