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    Any mustang or ford product, currently own a 1970 Mach 1, 1986 Gt Conv and 1998 Cobra conv
  1. This is somewhat ridiculous, however, nothing we can control. Will Shelby American e-mail existing 2012 Shelby GT 350 owners the production numbers and breakdown of styles, i.e. conv, hard top and colors?
  2. Quality control or lack of, I had the same problem with my exhaust tips being uneven, was told to take it to an exhaust place to get them welded. Mu fascia covering the front of the hood system (where the hood rod is located) is loose. My wheels deteriorated, and was told warranty would not cover it. Still like the car a lot, but the quality control is lacking., and I also agree, when we are into month 5 of 2014 why there are not production numbers for the 2012.
  3. coach


    18" in Western NH (Charlestown), cars are confined till probably late March or early April (86 GT conv) ('12' GT 350 conv), can't wait.
  4. Finally got around to uploading some photos of my 2012 GT 350 Conv. All put away for the winter but what a great car to drive this fall and really looking forward to the spring Coach
  5. coach

    2012 Shelby

    My new Shelby Gt 350 convertible
  6. Thank you all for your comments and I shall patiently wait. Coach
  7. Hi Has anyone heard if the buildout of the 2012 GT 350's are complete and if so how many convertibles were produced. Seems as if the build out should be done since they are taking orders for the 2013. I have a 2012 GT 350 conv, and have not driven it much but what I have it has been a blast and copped a lot of stares. Coach
  8. Have 400 miles on the conv and the car is awesome, still have not really gotten into it and probably won't. The only issue was the tire pressure, those of you just getting yours check the tire pressure frequently, I found 2 very small "bead" leaks, which activated the tire pressure light, Took care of that and the car is a blast to drive, top up or down.Not very good tech wise but as soon as I figure it out will post some photos.
  9. Been raining since I got it, but it is white with blue stripes, got the 525 super charger (chromed), interior upgrade, light bar short throw shifter. If you have one ordered make sure to check tire pressure, mine showed up with two tires at 22 lbs and 2 tires with 39 lbs, called tech dept and correct pressure for the 19" goodyear performance tires is 40lbs Coach
  10. just got my 350 conv, beautiful, the exhaust is awesome and it appears the quality control is excellent, can't wait to get "into" it a little bit. It is CSM 62. Really sorry to hear of Mr. Shelby's passing
  11. My car was sent from Ford at the end of October, was told it would be ready late March, but for some reason there was shortage of some parts (as told to me by one of their reps), so it will not be ready until late April. Really looking forward to it
  12. Currently have a 2012 Shelby GT350 Conv nearing complettion. Understand the total production number for the 2012 is 350. Does anyone know the number of convertibles being produced. Thanks in advance Coach
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