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  1. I don't like the fact all of this stuff has been made offshore (for years)......... However, where the hell do you think all of the original SGT parts were made back in the day? China!!
  2. Sounds nice.... You're required to post a asking price or your thread might be deleted. Oh, one other thing, pics might be a good idea....
  3. The color of the car is stunning... I didn't realize the wheels weren't black until seeing the comments, but the entire package is pretty sweet.
  4. I received a set of CSR bezels and their custom FL frame rail brackets they fabricated to work with the PIAA lights. My son is fabricating a bracket to fit 07-09 GT500 fog-lights that will attach to the CSR frame rail bracket. He's also modifying a set of OEM brake dust shields to accept the brake duct hose. Hope to have it done in a few weeks, their shop is slammed right now so his time is limited, dad always gets put on the waiting list.
  5. Thank you.... Close on the wheels; American Racing Nova N701 (I know they were also branded as KMC)
  6. Joined a group of local Mustang owners for a "social distancing" 130 mile cruise through northern NC/southern VA yesterday... Lifted the pic form the WFMC FB page that someone took of my ride.
  7. OMG....... Reading this old ass thread with the new additions made my day, thank you fellas! And Amy's input was priceless....
  8. Use that mouse thingy your hand is resting on, go to the top of the page and click the Store tab... Once on that page, select Team Shelby Club Membership... Add membership to your cart, pay for membership...
  9. https://www.ls-collectibles.com/en/review/product/list/id/135/?___from_store=de
  10. And what's funny, the Shelby American website doesn't even reference the "Shelby Supercharged" or the "Shelby Turbo" in the'Previous Models' list....
  11. Here's a thread from about a year ago featuring the car your asking about:
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