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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Spectre-Hood-Pin-Lanyard-24-4264/193094363901?hash=item2cf5522afd:g:9uUAAOSwFRpdd3qf:sc:ShippingMethodStandard!27549!US!-1
  2. You do realize this thread hasn't been active for nearly two years? Just saying......
  3. They were shipped to the dealership with the pins/lanyards tucked under the hood, meaning the pins were NOT in use. For what its worth, I put mine in outside-in.......
  4. They've been going for between $200-$400, depending on how badly someone wants one.... Just search this forum and if you check the completed item box on eBay it will list what has sold.
  5. I had this made...... I'd buy shit from SPP but they seem to have little or no interest, the G1 SGT/GT-H is old news.
  6. Thanks Andrew.... You know they should be closer than going all the way down to Benson if you need any tweaking, just saying......
  7. The last time it was on the dyno was just over 11 years ago with ~600 miles on the motor. Back then it put down 269rwhp, w/35k miles it put down 278rwhp.
  8. I spent mine with my sons at their speed shop they just opened taking a spin on the brand spanking new Dynojet 224x.... s
  9. Great question....... Why not see if SMC Events would put something together, it seems like all his project are well planned and top notch. Love to go in the fall of 2020 (already have a trip booked for this year).
  10. Come on Steven, you can't start a thread like this without MORE pictures!
  11. Pretty awesome event so far... Can't wait to see the museum this morning.
  12. Thank you for the clarification Steven.... I just think a lot of Shelby owners that use the forums (myself included) have been confused by the new companies (CSR & TSR) that are selling goods on web sites and ebay but no relationship with SPP. Some make the assumption they are one in the same...
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