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  1. You might want to find a local shop that specializes in restoring stainless trim for classic cars. They should be able to save that, the center emblem is stock, nothing special there... Good luck.
  2. Just a suggestion, this thread is over 7 years old! You might want to start a new thread about your GLHS in this section and post some pics!!
  3. Did you follow the instructions to send an email to info@shelby.com as referenced if you had trouble with resetting the password?
  4. My profile had the wrong email address, John was able get mine corrected.
  5. Add me to the list, tried three times, nada... Not in my junk/spam folder either.
  6. The search button is your friend.....
  7. Holy cow, I'm sorry some of those SGT were hideous and deserve to be put out to pasture. I also don't believe the last one listed is a SGT, no CSM tags and has the stock airbox. The white one with the black/red striping was the worst of the bunch....🤮 The black one with the gauge pod appears to be a California Edition by looking closely at the sill plates. I can't believe the VB that rolled over without either airbag deploying! (I would love to get my hands on the passenger airbag cover to send it off to the foundation for an auto-pen and swap it with my actual autograph cover)
  8. I don't like the fact all of this stuff has been made offshore (for years)......... However, where the hell do you think all of the original SGT parts were made back in the day? China!!
  9. Sounds nice.... You're required to post a asking price or your thread might be deleted. Oh, one other thing, pics might be a good idea....
  10. The color of the car is stunning... I didn't realize the wheels weren't black until seeing the comments, but the entire package is pretty sweet.
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