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  1. I belong to a local Mustang club, "MOCSEM" and these are the hotels they recommended Best Western Greenfield Inn 3000 Enterprise Drive • Allen Park, MI 48101 (map) 313.271.1600 $95 per night double room. Rate is available August 15th - August 22nd Breakfast inlcuded. Group name is MOCSEM. DoubleTree by Hilton5801 Southfield Expressway • Detroit, MI 48228 (map) 800.222.8733 or 313.336.3340 $104 per night for King Bed or Two Double Beds. Rate is available August 15th - August 22nd. Group name is MGM. Courtyard Dearborn5200 Mercury Drive • Dearborn, MI 48126 (map) 800.321.2211 or 313.271.1400 $109 per night for king or two queen size beds. Rate is available August 15th - August 21st. Please note that breakfast is not included in this room rate. Reference the Mustang Owners of Southeast Michigan room block
  2. Cruise is a blast every day before and a big deal on Saturday or course. In Ferndale where the Mustang Alley is, that's a great place to visit and see what Ford is offering. Last couple of years you could see a Ford Mustang on its side. Lots of drawings and so much to see. Nice to see folks with the same interests and a real desire to share information. Watch the tv show on line at .WXYZ.com or look at pictures folks have posted on line on the same web site. The official Woodward site is :http://www.detroitnews.com/autos/woodward-dream-cruise/
  3. Great information and I'm glad I read this through. Lots of information. I never joined MENSA but I stated my own chapter of DENSA.. That's for the rest of us like myself. Thanks for sharing your story and thanks everyone for chipping in.
  4. Hello Robert, Nice wheels. What would it take to buy this set from you ? Rattlesnake J.B. Monroe...
  5. Sounds like a great car, hope it works out for you. Local Dealer still has a 09 KR on the showroom floor. (Silver with blue stripes) But won't move on his price of 60K plus. I noticed the front brake ducts were not open, still covered and I guess its because they were never completely installed. Car is still owned by the local dealer and never been titled. Would love to buy it but I think the price is too high yet.. Friendly Ford Lincoln, Monroe, Michigan 48162. (1 734 243 6000)
  6. Visit Ellis Island Casino on Flamingo Blvd. east of Bally's. A great place for a meal at a great price. Parking structure behind is great and yesterday I parked out front at 4 pm. A great place to eat great and cheaply. Steak special all the time, and a BBQ place that is fabulous in my opinion. Great prices bring all the locals and the casino is small but the food will help you deal with the traffic. You can avoid the " Resort Fee" on the hotels by looking around. I found Arizona Charlie's on Boulder Hwy. does not have that tax. I use the freeway to get around because the local streets have so much traffic, but that's just me...
  7. Thanks for the update. I missed the original thread even with a brother that lives in Denver.... Haircuts are over rated, unless you have a convertible or drive fast with the windows down and no helmet. Glad you are doing fine now.
  8. Tell us more about your car that you are selling, might be interested in it..
  9. You've written a great article about your dad and what he meant to you. From all the notes here it is clear that your dad did a great job helping you grow and appreciate your life. My condolences to you and your family on your loss. He may be gone from earth, but you are carrying on his dreams and if he could tell you he would be very proud. You have another family here on the "Team Shelby" list and as many others have said you have done well and will continue to do so because of your dad and your family. I wish you only the best and hope you continue to share your dreams with others as time permits. Enjoy life and share it as you have done so well...
  10. I enjoyed reading all the comments left here. really interesting what all of you thought about Richard and his show. I too noticed a headliner missing in one car, and I do like the mechanics, Even the ones he let go that I thought made the show. (They now have their own show ?) Yes I am tired of the show now and the prices he charges for his teams work is very high. Maybe I can get him to flip a coin if I find one I like, (Since he usually loses when he flips a coin.) I have most of the parts for an F 40 and I can't believe what Ferrari charges for their parts. Even a rear window was thousands... Maybe I'll stick with American cars..
  11. Some very useful information Robert... I haven't installed the rings yet but I am thinking about it... Thanks for including all the pictures too..
  12. Check out Autoline After Hours for a story with Richard Rawlings... Now with a new book out, his restaurant and his garage he is expanding... I thought he didn't care for Mustangs but find out which cars he won't sell, his green Mustang is one of them. Here is the link to the video and his story plus more if you have the time. http://www.autoline.tv/journal/?p=37688
  13. No "Tint"... just wear some great sunglasses. But then mine is a vert., and I like the top down.
  14. Just in case you are looking for some Mustang or Shelby gift ideas here are a few more. Personally I like the new Shelby Wheels, maybe the wife will like them as much as I do ? But if you want some other ideas, try this site : http://www.downtheroadmarketing.com/custom-bannersposters.html
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