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  1. I have a total hang up about aftermarket lights, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but noooooope.
  2. I'd buy one in a heartbeat if they were available.
  3. Hello Team Shelby, long time no post. Been lurking though! The tri bar pony on my SGT is starting to look very tired. The paint is chipping and the chrome is tarnished and pitted. Naturally I will default to replacing it with the same one, but the thought crossed my mind of replacing it with the Boss tri bar emblem instead http://www.americanmuscle.com/boss-grille-emblem.html I think the boss one looks more polished and may give the grille the extra visual "pop". Does anyone know how big the boss emblem is compared to the stock one? Would it be too big in relation to the grille? Would it look dumb? Am I a bad Shelby owner for doing this? (lol) thanks everyone!
  4. Dont get me wrong, im not a trophy hunter, but it is nice to get recognized! I've seen people practically have a nervous breakdown because they didn't get anything and it's not a pretty sight! I always thought special interest meant something like a bus or big rig..... Thankyou all for your input and replies, i will prob go with special interest, I'm always surprised how the hardcore car enthusiasts still have no idea what these cars are.
  5. The classes are: antiques Camaro classic 49-63 classic tri 5 competition Corvette Low Rider Mopar Muscle car motorcycle Mustang off road original pre 72 pick up 48 and older pick up 49-64 pick up 65-72 pick up 73 through 2015 rat rod special interest street machine 49-63 Street Rod 48 and older tuner/import Unfinished I would like to avoid the mustang class altogether, as i said, a ton of the classics always show up and they are always favored over the newer cars no matter what shape they are in. I probably will go under muscle car, i just wanted to see if tuner was an option, i mean it is tuned, right?
  6. Ok, stupid question time. I will be going to a car show this weekend that usually has about 47635691 60s model mustangs there, so of course the newer mustangs dont even get a look in. Would it be appropriate to enter the SGT under the tuner class? Please dont yell at me....
  7. Awesome! Thank you so much for your pictures and replies! Also, I was under the impression that the ones currently for sale no longer use the lights, is this correct? What are you guys doing with your lower grilles? I don't seem to see any that match available online.
  8. Does anyone have any pictures of a white SGT with the CS6/CS8 grille with the Shelby letters? http://www.shelbystore.com/Upper-grille-insert-for-Shelby-CS6-and-Shelby-Terl-p/cs6-009.htm My grille is starting to show it's age, and I'm on the fence about getting this CS8 grille, but I can't find any pictures of a white SGT with one anywhere! Surely mine couldn't (potentially) be the only one in existence! Please post pics if you have them! Also, is this grille a direct fit with my SGT, or will this require further modifiction?
  9. I know that one has been on Craigslist for what seems like months now, I check the DFW CL on a regular basis. I don't know if anything is wrong with it, but if it's been up for sale for that long at that price, something has to be up. http://dallas.craigs...3538277079.html
  10. I got nuts and bolts. I'm pretty sure that is grounds for divorce in most households. They're actually the fender bolts that match the rest of the engine dressup, the finishing touch under there, I've finally got the engine where I want it to be.
  11. Wow! you guys have impressive set ups! My printing space is quite limited, I've decided for sure I will be putting build numbers on there (1 of 495 color/trans combo!) and by Shelby American, Las vegas, NV. I will be laminating some color copies of the window stickers and hang them up in the windows so they can tell the story about the SGT upgrades.
  12. I'm putting together a sign to take along to future car shows with me, and I'm at a loss what to put on there. 2007 Shelby GT 07SGT2544....... Herp. Thats all I have. I was thinking about putting build numbers, maybe everything that I've heard it called and it's not ( NOT a GT500, Mach 1, GT350, GT300, That car from the Nick Cage movie) possibly a CS quote, anyone have any ideas? I do need to keep it relatively short, the sign isn't going to be too big, Give me some ideas people!
  13. Thank you for your kind words guys. Ahh, heres the kicker, there was no argument that provoked an attack. It happened at about 7:00am one morning while I was sleeping, I awoke to a fist in my left eye, and a "Yeah, how do you like that?" All is well in my life now, and have re-married to a wonderful man (Who also shares my love of Mustangs) I did make a very costly decision walking away from everything I had spent my adult life building, but my mental and physical well being is so much more important than whatever I left behind. Jim hit the nail on the head, I walked away from everything just to get him out of my life. He thought he could make me dance like his own little puppet by holding eveything I'd worked for "hostage" but when he realized I was ready to sign everything over without a fight he was powerless, and that was most satisfying. To the OP- Stay strong, things WILL get better!
  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your situation, she spounds like a complete psycopath, she will get what she deserves eventually. I also just wanted to chime in that it's not always the husband that gets the sh!tty end of the stick. I do not have enough time in the world to tell you what happened in my previous marriage, but it ended with me fleeing from my own house with a black eye and whatever change of clothes I could carry. I eventually lost my own house and 2 cars. I wound up sleeping on a friends moms couch until I could get back on my feet, moving into a 511 sq ft apartment with whatever I could fit into the back of a small U-Haul. Please don't paint all women with the same brush, we get the shaft too.
  15. 1972 351C fastback (sportsroof) automatic. H code. Medium lime metallic, green leather interior. Cragar deep dish wheels. The car itself is in great condition, everything original, no restorations. The car has original A/C that works. All trim and emblems present. The brakes are spongy and the (I think) fuel pump needs replacing. I love this car to death but I have to face reality, this is a task I'm never going to get around to doing, I have two other Mustangs I'm working on right now. The first $8000 and a flatbed gets it. I seem to have the dumb when it comes to putting pictues on this site, please email me at stangdriver_07@aol.com for more pictures or any questions you may have. Located in Abilene, Texas.
  16. Thanks for your replies! I have a jar of the Mothers chrome polish I got for the Cragars on my '72, I'll go ahead and use that. Thanks!
  17. OK, bear with me, I haven't been able to find a solid answer, what do you guys use to polish the tips of your FRPP mufflers? I ask because I'm concerned I will put on something that will react badly and stain or discolor. Thanks!
  18. Congratulations! Get used to the staring and pointing!
  19. Pity because I'm sure that a percentage of the GT350/GT300 drivers actually think that they have some sort of special edition car and the rest probably think they are actually fooling people. That goes for all people with clones and fakes. http://www.americanm...ldoor-0509.html Tell me if any thing is "off" about this 'GT-H?'
  20. I've seen a ton of the GT350s/GT300s around these parts, I feel pity more than anything. Had a kid here at work put cobra badges on his plain jane SN95, ran around like he was the baddest thing in town, boy, I had fun picking apart every discrepency on that "Cobra".
  21. Thats what I needed to know, thanks!
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