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  1. Carroll Shelby Automotive Program at Northeast Texas Community College https://www.facebook.com/CarrollShelbyAutomotiveProgram/
  2. My Shelby GTS has a new home. It will be fun seeing what the students at Northeast Texas Community College's Carroll Shelby Automotive Program can do. Stay tuned! https://www.facebook.com/CarrollShelbyAutomotiveProgram/posts/1451654868266449
  3. Shelby GTS on Page 32 of November's Grassroots Motorsports magazine!
  4. Great Meeting you too! Here is a photo of me holding you up. :-)
  5. Here are few laps at Palmer Motorsports Park in Massachusetts. Unfortunately I could not get my GoPro working for an earlier session when I would have acquired some good footage of me chasing Secondo. I should get a Waylens like Dr_Whoovie. https://youtu.be/Rq_1fJxCF-g
  6. Good to know. Thanks. Can you pop the camera out of the trapezoid mount of the GT spoiler for mounting it somewhere else?
  7. Thanks! Those are Goodyear Eagle F1 supercar tires. You should have heard the Michelin all-seasons scream last year.
  8. 12GTS0032 at Thompson Speedway SCCA Track Night in America - August 7, 2017 Message me for a $25 Discount code. https://youtu.be/OGJaQ_myRis https://youtu.be/Vjh_GBETrlU [Edited to correct links]
  9. DriveTribe showing the GTS some love! https://drivetribe.com/p/6-awesome-cars-adorned-with-a-gts-Y109PKfpR36IRGrQg3Pmng?iid=ZHYuI4gATTS8LyLZk-g-JQ
  10. Yes. York Ford Client Liaison just told me that it "has a very loving owner that gives it much adoration." ​I hope the new owner joins us here on the forum.
  11. York Ford no longer lists it. Sold it? Traded it? I hope the new own joins Team Shelby.
  12. Cleaned and repainted calipers
  13. Message me for a $25 discount code. There are always other codes to use too. Koni has one. I heard last year's April event was cold and rainy. But other days were great.
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