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  1. I can ask for you next time I go there but from an educated guess, it looks like the surface wasn't properly prepped. I had this problem on the running boards of my mid 90s cal look vw beetle because the shop didn't buy the aluminum etch chemicals (then they did an Acura NSX a few weeks later and had to buy it for that, as it is a premium car, heh), I ended up getting them powder coated but then they didn't match and it looked weird so then I had them painted on top of the powder coat but I never put them back on the car. Sucks that the late model S197 has so much problem with that hood. Well, underneath my factory hood there's a very small amount of peeling somewhere under there I saw but the entire top is perfect, just has some rock chips. I own two hoods for my S197. And going way off topic here, but this reminds me the decklid on my beetle had old primer applied so it even bubbled and I had to have it re-painted too. But yeah it's steel.
  2. My auto body shop repair man / owner told me that heat generated from drilling the holes causes the paint to bubble. So he said you're basically hoping that it doesn't bubble when you drill the holes. That means I should have had them drilled before I got the hood repainted.
  3. Hope they make the fog lamps for the front fascia again. Those are a very nice part in my opinion.
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