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  1. Since seibon seems to be the only company so far to offer a carbon fiber rear diffuser, I know trucarbon is about to come out with one as well, just thought I'd give everyone a heads up that seibon themselves told me this and also the other companies aren't any better but if you get these pieces they will yellow within a year because of the heat from the exhaust. So DO NOT BUY THEM or you will be sorry.


    Unless APR or Shelby comes out with one that has a proper clear coat/gel coat to protect from heat stay away from these pieces.

  2. I just love the way Jer operates. I'll probably never get the chance to meet him and that's really too bad but I can still enjoy the job he's doing and his manner. I know the oil separators are the next best thing.



    Idkkk he seems to operating with some misguided attitude when I asked a simple question. But guess I'll just have to see all of these "awesome" area 52 projects he's got going on.

  3. Well, you get what you pay for! I've had several Falcon's over the years - expensive, yes, but they have the finest LIVE support in the world! (Not to mention, they are blazingly fast and stable computers!)


    That being said, if price is the problem, why not go to NewEgg or some other company and build it yourself?


    Not into that? How about Alienware or one of the other custom builders?





    Who lets you build a laptop from scratch like a desktop? I would do that if that was an option. And I found out the falcon NW laptop is the old generation clevo so I'm not getting it anymore. I'm trying to decide between the MSI gt60 and the sager np9150/ mythologic pollux laptop which is the new clevo. No point paying 3750 for an older generation laptop with less performance just because it says falcon on it and I can paint it to make it look nice.


    I'm trying to decide if I want to pay 3100 for the better equiped MSI or pay 2700 and forgo the 680m graphics card for a 675m.

  4. Those wheels are pretty sweet! One of my favorite that I've seen yet. What did they set you back if you don't mind my asking, $8500?



    Well lets go by cheapest prices for all parts

    HRE p40: 1500 per wheel so 6000 for set.

    2013 TPMS from tousley: was 675 I think?

    mounting/balancing: Around 150-200 usually

    PSS tires: are 1700 from tire rack

    Tuner lug nuts: 200

    HRE center caps: free


    Total: About 8700-8800 dollars.


    What I paid? 6950 for everything. I got a discount on the wheels, 2013 TPMS for free, tuner lugs for free, and tires for like 800 bucks, and mounting and balancing, shipping, and tax all free.


    Gerry from custom wheels for less is the best to do business with. Though in the case of my set, him and wheels boutique worked together to get this deal.

  5. Ok falcon is out now. Not worth the extra 1000 dollars of paint and the older platform.


    So I optioned out the best 15 inch mac and it came out to 3300 the same as sager. Only differences it seems is the sager will have a 670 nvidia car instead of 650 like the mac and will have THX sound and blue ray player.


    I can't compare screen quality since I have never seen this gamut screen on the sager that everyone says is unbelievable but then again I've never seen a screen quality better than a mac. The mac also claims at this level to still get over 6+ hours of battery life while the sager is at 2-3, which I don't understand how that is possible given how every performance/gaming laptop max maybe gets 4 hours. Maybe mac has developed some new thing?


    So it is kind of a toss up now on what to get.

  6. Will the madness never end? lol.


    So after some google searching I found out that falcon just rips off the sager/clevo laptops and rebrands them with the falcon name and charges accordingly. I went to xoticpc.com and decked out the new sager np9150 to the same specifications as the falcon but with slightly more upgrades like cooling, picture quality, and screen quality and the total came to 3300 for the sager and the falcon is 3750. So now I am wondering is that cool paint job worth the extra 450?


    Also it looks like the falcon may be an older sager model that is not for sale anymore I believe on google someone said it was the 8000 series.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_TZU5k2iNY&feature=player_embedded This is a video of the new one that I am looking at.


    Since I can't go crazy exotic with it like the falcon I was thinking I'd just get it in a gloss black and keep it simple.


    What do you all think about this now?

  7. Jer, i was curious if you could tell us the performance difference between the Wilwoods and the Baer extremes? I don't know anyone that can give me a first hand comparison, so i thought you might be able to explain it, that is if you have driven a car with the Wilwoods, i know your SC has the Baers.



    Better question to ask is the performance difference between the willwoods and the 13 OEM brakes that no one appears to be able to speak educately on.

  8. Black is too common.....time to mix it up.....



    This is true. The shelby is already black.


    How about ferrari red? http://www.falcon-nw.com/sites/default/files/tlxv5_ferrarired_hi.jpg


    Or candy red? http://www.falcon-nw.com/sites/default/files/tlx4_candy_red-closed-hi.jpg


    If I were to get either the red or blue what color should I have the bottom part be? I think all blue or red would be too much and I don't want the bottom to just be plain black plastic.


    There is also their signature rain effect that can be done with any color. Here it is in black. http://www.falcon-nw.com/sites/default/files/tlxv6-blackrain-hi.jpg


    And again in teal the most common color http://www.falcon-nw.com/sites/default/files/tlxv6-tealrain-hi.jpg


    Here is green http://www.falcon-nw.com/sites/default/files/tlxv5_greenrain_hi.jpg

  9. The suspension comment related to a Roush kind of surprised me. I have had Kenny Brown add the Jacking Rails and sub frame connectors to my Black Jack but my Stage 3 Suspension gets great reviews at the track. Besides going to the Coil Overs I think it darn competitive. I have really tweaked my Shelby Suspension as it would plow with any spirited driving when I first got it. To be clear the 09 Roush does no thave the kick you in the butt that the GT500 does.



    The roush suspension is springs, billet rubber bushing LCA, and the UCA that looks the same as OEM UCA but is a little beefier and has a smaller rubber bushing. I think you also get tires. But to really be better I would say they would need an adjustable coil over set up and something beyond just rubber bushings. I mean it is kinda hard to do much with a live axle suspension without doing spherical bearings and heim joints. The reason the roush really would outperform the shelby in turning is because of the 100 pounds less weight hanging off the noise. But again the roush unless now it is stage 3 doesn't have the kick the shelby has. Plus the styling of the roush isn't better than the shelby anymore. For 07-2010 I would rather have the roush. I mean they don't look bad at all now but the 13 just looks better IMO.


    Though I wonder how the shelby will finally handle once my PSS tires go on, it would probably destroy any roush after that.

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