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  1. Can't to grab one of these, but I don't pay mark ups so I can wait
  2. Thank you for your service. Hope it goes by quick and you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Also take the time to break the clutch in for about 500 miles, some good stop go driving with varying rpms....first time you hit you will be in love
  3. ^^^^ always good to have something with leverage around
  4. Thats great but I am sorry, I can do more with mine for much less
  5. I like the interior work and that stance is awesome!
  6. I want one eventually but there is no rush.....^^^^I like you sig pic sir!
  7. A light tint will work all the time and not hurt nighttime vision
  8. I bought mine already powder coated gloss black from cruizin concepts for an extra charge. If you already have them then find a good paint shop. Its good to ask motorcycle guys, they usually get lots of stuff powder coated. Or go to svtperformance.com and look up the member blackgt500ca i believe, name is brian does great custom work with powder coating
  9. there is also one on the drivers side. People are finding some oil there, not as much as the passenger side. Van also sells the catch can for the drivers side. I might be getting one in the future. Already have the passenger side one and it catches plenty of oil, especially if you run the car hard.
  10. Its normal......take it to the track one day and bed them right. They are performance brakes, there are some drawbacks. But it will lessen over time and miles
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