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  1. Never have used any discount since my joining TS. I am looking at the replacement leather two tone interior for my 2007 GT-H, and need to now if this 10% is one I can use on that items for purchase discount. If so please let me know---want to purchase this week so I can get it in and installed before the Keenland Concour's Mustang presentation in Lexington, KY---1000 mustangs for first time ever featured car at any Concour's Event to date. Shelby American should be there to show off!!!! Firemedic 7
  2. Would like to know if there is a Shelby GT-H Club or if not would like to get one going to tracking down all the 2006 and 2007 models and owners. Mine is 2007 # 148 firemedic7
  3. To the guys that Photo Shopped the graphics and light bar placement, good looks but very obvious. If you are really going to offer this product to the Law Enforcement community maybe you should talk to someone that builds police cars every day and has done so for the last 30 years. That way you get a TRUE SHELBY ONE OF A KIND package for the offering to the POLICE. I would gladly offer my 30 years experience and knowledge of the products and equipment that would make a stand out persuit vehicle that does not stand out until it is TOO late---and that is what your Police purchasers will want, unless they are going to use it for a "DARE" project car to show he kids in elementary school that will be SO OBVIOUS. But if they want a Muscle car to stop speeders or catch drug runners, then a GT-50, with your power and suspension ability and my light and sound products will be a killer combo that will turn heads in the POLICE WORLD. Waiting to offer anything i can to help, if this is a real project! Firemedic7
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