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  1. Wow I extended mine as well through Lombard and it's about to expire in March 2019. They have not contacted me to extend again so I may give them a call. I extended last time for piece of mind but frankly the big expensive things on this car seem to be rock solid! I recently just turned 30K on my 2007 vert. Unfortunately my local dealers seem to intentionally avoid wanting to cover things yet still charge me "diagnostic time" (blown struts which state ARE covered in the documentation), failed sway bar bushing, fuel tank fill problems (no fault found) so yes it's hardly a bumper to bumper. I figure for the cost it's also worth it for resale value in case I decide to ever sell (new Gt500?!) and give the new owner added confidence.
  2. Thanks again Grabber! Out for a lunchtime drive with just 21K on my 2010 TSB clutch and working perfectly!
  3. Just wanted to update to all that after 6 years and 21K on the 4th Gen 2010 TSB 10-3-8 setup my clutch is still awesome. No slippage, smooth take-up and most importantly NO CHATTER! As far as I am concerned the switch to the 2010 organic materials and the better flywheel fixed what was the only real disappointing aspect to the experience of owning this car. I have a good friend that just purchased a used 2007 Gt500 with 10K on the clock and he messaged me today after taking delivery yesterday about clutch chatter. I referred him to this thread and we'll see if we can get him sorted too. Special thanks to Grabber and all those that helped us all along the way with the final resolution on this issue. I plan on keeping this car for a very long time. Maybe it's even time for a few upgrades from stock to keep up with those new Mustang GT's and their newfangled coyote engines! M81
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  5. The whirring/whining was actually the replacement alternator. I finally took it back last month. They had it a week again and tried to tell me "that is a normal sound; they all do it" and "my supercharger is the whining sound". I asked why the sound was not there before they replaced the alternator and I got back crickets. I drove down and spoke with the service writer. He said they would take a look again. After 2 hours waiting I left. 4 hours later he calls back and claimed that they removed the serp belts and the sound was still there suggesting that maybe now something is at fault with my supercharger. I had it with these folks and drove down there and demanded to speak with the manager. The last thing I wanted these turds to do is touch anything else on my car. He popped the hood, I revved it a few times and drove around the block. He heard the very obvious sound, apologized for his techs taking a week to get to it, lying about the work performed, and being careless with their work. He ordered another reman unit and two days later all is good with the world again.They replaced the scratched up fuse cover, put on a new battery blanket and I got the hell out of there never to return! The only whining sound I hear is the supercharger as it should be. Next time a Denso unit goes in from the 2012+ Gt500's that are built to a much better standard from what i have gathered looking into the issues.
  6. So was it the alternator? I was getting traction control lights, losing all dash functionality on/off and finally car was cutting out and in limp home mode. After a significant amount of Ford dealership hassle an alternator replacement (re-manufactured part per Ford extended warranty) cured my problem and has not missed a beat since. Apparently these alternators really suck and should be updated to the Denso models from later years. When my warranty runs out that will be on my list...
  7. Looks like the 96R is now the default battery vs. older 40R. Oh yeah they can diagnse the new noise with an appointment on the 31st. I gave this dealeship a second try since it changed ownership but looks like the same old crap with a different name. Maybe it's time to try Fremont Ford as at least they have been a Saleen dealer a long time and probably see 25x more Mustangs than mine.
  8. I just posted in the main gt500 section my battery concern on my '07. I replaced my original with a new MC 40R just shy of 3 years ago and it was just pronounced dead last week. Dealer warrantied it and repalced with a 96R. It's smaller but fits and saves 3 lbs. Hopefully it lasts...
  9. Hi TS, looking for feedback on a recent issue I had while driving my 2007 Gt500 Vert 27K on the odo. The long version: on short drive (hot day full A/C and radio at level 11) I started to get a chime and "Check traction control" and Parking brake on message. I hit the reset button and then got a "Traction Control failure" message. The car lost 75% power (like it was runing on 3 cylinders) and then lost all interior power (no lights, gauges, radio, PW/PL etc.). I was able to limp the 2 miles home with it almost stalling a few times at stoplights then finally died as soon as I backed into the garage. I tried to restart and got the click-click-click. I put it on the Battery Tender for a couple days and then took it for drive no problem. The next weekend I went to get gas no problem but after filling up, it was dead as doorknob. Call the wife to bring my my jump box which gets it going immediatedly then on the drive home I get the same "check traction control", limp home style running, and loss of all electronics. My first instinct is dead battery likely caused by failing alternator (which might explain the car elctronics getting funky while driving). What's throwng me off is the traction control messages. Is it possble that a low voltage situation would somehow break the communication to the TC module and that was the first symptom showing on the message box? Anyways, I drove it to the dealer and they checked it out. They told me there were no codes (probably lost due to the dead battery), and that the charging checked out fine but the battery going bad. It was a 25 months old Motorcraft purchased at this dealer parts counter so they replaced that and drove it with no issues for 18 miles so they sent me on my way. I drive the 3 miles home and it's back to the same issues. I was able to just barely limp it back in with all symptoms presented including the stall. After a few days I get the call that it's all fixed and the alternator was bad and replaced under ESP warranty. It's been two short drives since and no obvious issues. It just seems so strange that I would have no symptoms leading up to the start of all this. No slow starts, no battery lights, nothing. Also, they said the charging system checked fine the first time so why not the second time? I wonder, did they really check it or stop short with the first battery test? Anybody have these issues and is this normal behavior for a failing alternator? I'm a bit hesitant to trust this fix... Thanks, M81 Side note: I need to take it back because the battery they put in is significantly smaller 96R size than what was in there (I thinkit was a 40R) and they left off the battery blanket , they scratched up my fuse panel cover by dragging the battery around on it, and now there is a loud whining noise coming from the engine that was not there (whistling turbo like whine that's louder than my supercharger whine!). Why the hell do the dealer techs insist on treating my car like a fleet vehicle?! I asked them to take it for a long drive before I picked it up the second time; how did they not hear this awful sound?
  10. Mine was replaced under warranty for the reasons you mentioned. It was otherwise perfect (as was the car) so the advisor had no issues with getting it done. They are thin carpets and not the best quality obviously. I was not there when it was done so can't give any tips on the install. There was a plastic type wrap in the DS footwell when i got it back so I left it in and just put my mat over it which seems to have helped minimize further wear. GL and post up a How To so we can follow your lead. M81
  11. Well the car checked out great, they fixed the dripping rear (2 other dealers said they could not find it but my garage floor said otherwise!) and said the ticking was just my injectors which was within spec. I had purchased the ESP from Lombard (yes it was a great deal!) and just re-upped for another 5 years and additional 48K mi. It seems that if it is not an obvious failure getting a dealer to cover items is a challenge, so I consider this insurance for the engine, trans and rear end. M81
  12. Thanks all clear and clean and small drips from the diff finally fixed after 3 attempts. I went to a new dealer for this as my local is terrible. Now being offered to extens my ESP another 5 years. Not sure it's really worth it but like any insurance it's good to have just in case. My volvo S60 dropped a trans just after the factory warranty expired and I would have been out of pocket $5K. given the tranny issues here, I might just refresh the ESP to have in my back pocket. Thoughts?
  13. TS, my ESP warranty is just about to expire this month. I'm bringing it to the dealer for a once-over and to fix a small oil leak on the diff cover and ticking noise coming from th engine. Any thoughts or suggestions if you were in my shoes? Thanks, M81
  14. Hi Jer I'm looking for some take off 2013-14 base gt500 wheels/tires. Do you have any in stock and if so what would the cost be?
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