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  1. Need some help on deciding on shocks and struts for my 2010 GT500. I put 20" Alcoas on last week and it really needs to be lowered now. I am going to go with Eibach springs but have not decided between the D Specs or Ford Racing shocks and struts. What is everybody's experience or opinions?
  2. Alex, I am partial to the Alcoa's and they look great on the car. Did you go with the 295 again or drop down to the 285 for the rear. What suspension did you put in the 2010...stance looks great.. Still waiting to install the axel backs...I have got a slight gear whine that I am trying to resolve before I put them on....probably need to put them on then I won't hear the while at all....not nearly as frustrating as trying to work with the dealership. Let me know if you have any isses installing the axel backs on the 2010. Greg
  3. That A/F chart is all over the place. I had my 2010 GT500 based lined the other day (on a dynajet) and the factory A/F was conservative but the line showed very little varibility...started lean and got richer as the RPMs climbed. Would have loved to see the base line on this car. I have the same mods waiting to be installed. I know you can not compare dynos but my car based lined at 478/457 and with the mods you did (upper. lower, dport, and tune...) I would expect around 100 hp/100 Tq on top of that...so for me I am looking at 575/550 from your mods. Hard to tell without a base line to compare to but your numbers look low for your mods.
  4. I would not make the swap. There is not that much to be gained to moving to 3:73s from 3:55 and when you factor in the expense and the chance that the new gears will whine I definitley would not do it. I swapped gears on my 2007 GT500 and had nothing but issues....I am on my third set of gears and the whine still drives me nuts.
  5. Just as I figured it would turn out....the driver being the weak link.....just yanking your chain....a lot of fun no doubt. It may be a factory race car but race car no less and you have to provide the TLC to keep them happy on the track.. In any case, the fact that Ford would build the beast and sell them to the public is unreal. Congrats again on the car and look forward to seeing nines. Are you going to back at Bristol on Saturday?
  6. Post up your times....I know the car will perform....just not sure about the driver.
  7. I am a bean counter AND a Ford/Shelby nut so you can be both. The fact is, "if you are not making money they will not be around for us to enjoy their products". I am NOT saying the current management is not doing their job so don't put words in my mouth. I have no clue or opinion on how SA is being run. I am just saying you have to make money and like most things in life...there has to be a balance between building what the public wants and doing so in a fashion that pays the bills.
  8. Thanks Robert for the update. Is there anyway you can hold put my name on a set (2 20x9 and 2 20x10)? If so, I will be more than glad to contact the store with my payment information.
  9. Guys, I just had a base run done on my 2010 GT500. It was on a dynojet with temperatures in the 60's and yes the car was cooled down before the run was made. It put down 478hp and 440tq...ran a second run within minutes and it put up basically the same numbers. In preparation for more mods I installed a Lethal X with high flow cats and ran it again. I picked up 5 more peak HP and 7 peak TQ but I got as much as 10 HP more from 3500 RPMs through 5500 RPMS, TQ was pretty constant through the RPM band. I will be installing VMP's 2.65 upper and IW 10% lower. I am porting the stock blower with VMP Dport and will be installing L&M throttle body. Topping things off with the AFCO dual fan heat exchanger and Justin's tune. Justin indicated we should be around 620hp and 620tq....we shall see. By the way, I would highly recommend Lethal's X pipe with high flow cats...with stock exhaust it sounds great.....only down side it is not stainless but for $399 I run the risk.
  10. My perspective on one vendor bashing another....I will automatically discount the one doing the bashing. If you have to talk about how great your product is versus another then in my opinion it is just talk.....results speak for themselves. They are all great products (TVS, Whipple, and KB) just depends on what you want to do and individual preference.......
  11. Just keeping this one at the top.....waiting....not very patiently.....check out Ptaylor's post in the Alcoa wheel post....beautiful car.
  12. Ptaylor.....it is not fair to tease those of us who are waiting on the Alcoas to come in....just kidding.....beautiful car!!!!
  13. Alex, Got my mufflers yesterday.....looking forward to the install. Thanks
  14. Would much rather have the old style with the cap. From time to time if you try to put more gas in after the first cut off it will over flow before it cuts off....also ...after I fill up, dirve 2 miles back to the house and park in the garage...you will smell gas for the next couple of hours. Propaganda to satisfy tree huggers....my opinion
  15. I love my 2010 GT500 but for $32,500 for a 2011 GT 5.0 that is a lot of bang for the buck. Just felt like the GT500 needed a little brother...ordered at X plan...about $300 below invoice.
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