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  1. For anyone interested in buying 4 wheels (amr) 18 x 10 WITH hoosier racing slicks on, I am selling them for 1000.00 The wheels and tires have been used twice on tracks, and the tires are in great shape and so are the wheels. I own a Shelby gt500 SVT. Anyone interested just email: mir6@yahoo.com
  2. maybe this set up might help you. 285/30/18 hoosiers R7. they are excellent for road racing.
  3. I drove my 2012 gt500 svt with hoosiers R7, at thunderbolt Milville NJ raceway. NIGHT AND DAY difference. I highly recommend these tires for raod racing, compared to NITTO INVOs. tire set up: 285/30/18 on all 4 corners. PS: does anyone have any comments on tire soaking, and which products to use?
  4. I need to change transmission fluids on my car and I take it road racing. What is the best transmission fluid? I tried red line any other suggestions?
  5. Has anyone tried the R7 on the track (road racing)? any comments?
  6. Yes I did get it from tru carbon as well, and I did exactly the same as BLUE 2010 SHELBY GT500.
  7. Hi, I had bought a CB rear diffuser and side rockers and front splitter. Of all those mods, the rear diffuser gets the attention the most. I did not install them myself, I went to a shop and had them install. Hope that helps.
  8. Thanks , I did PM albino500 andhe gave me great advice. I just wanted to hear any other suggestions.
  9. Hi. So I have been seriously racing my Shelby on the track (road racing), and I am having a blast. I have tried the INVO's with stock rims (SVT PP), not happy at all. Now, I am thinking of getting new rims and new tires (slicks or street/track). My only concern is how wide can I go (9.5, 10, 11) before I start having "rubbing" issues. I know that width of the tire is a factor (but not THE factor) for good handling, besides the experience of the driver. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. 275 on the front and 315 on the rear, WOW. stock for the gt500 is 265 front and 285 rear. so I guess there are no rubbing issues with those wide tires. I wonder how would the GY F1, or Michelin PSS or sport cup2, will handle with those same dimensions.
  11. Thank you guys. I have just done 6 track days on multiple tracks in the north east (lightning racetrack, palmer Raceway, poconos raceway, limerock etc). I have to be honest, I think the stock goodyear F1 are way better than the INVOs. I had no improved grip on the turns, compared to the F1s. Even though I have not tried the PSS, I know which tires I won't recommend for race track. Thanks again guys.
  12. I bought the INVOs and I have taken to the racetrack. I have not bein impressed that much. Has anyone tried these tires? Thanks. Also: I am thinking (next yr) going for the pilot sport cup 2. Any comments on these?
  13. thanks, but i dont have the stock mufflers. I will see if i can work with a blacksmith and see if they can modified the exhaust I have already.
  14. I am planning on taking my 2012 shelby to a racetrack that has dB limit of 86dB!!!!! To make matters more challenging I have installed: 1. Borla x-type race -NONCATTED- long tubes 2. Borla atak exhaust. I love the sound of my gt500, i get tons of compliments. is there any way to muffle the sound for this event? Any Ideas, please. Thanks.
  15. Hi, Guys please help. 2012 gt500, all suspension components nonstock. 265 front wheels. this morning i drove fine, no noise when turning the wheel, 30 min later (when arrived to park) i noticed a rubbing kind type of noise when turning right and left at low speed. Now, I have been reading on other forums and they say something about axle differential and that it needs sometype of friction additive. I remember putting that the last time I change the fluids on the axle dif. I really don't know. Any ideas?
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