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  1. Every place I see these they are hanging, is it possible to direct mount to the surface? Maybe cause of heat build up you could not.
  2. We have a few of their Industral fans at work for 8 years and been great. I like the fact the home ones work with NEST
  3. All the extra coolers are there? I know in past usually you got trans cooler and such or over sized ones with tow package I'm still patiently waiting for the new Raptors.
  4. I know when I looked at a red one at my dealer first thing he told me was no tow package is the way they all come
  5. I believe Purple Power is caustic enough to stain or discolor bare aluminum specially if let to sit. Be careful with stronger degreasers like them.
  6. Sorry to hear but glad no damage. Unfortunately this is one of the biggest reasons I do most of my work myself on my car. I never torque mine on but I will always wipe the sealing surface. One to make sure clean, two to double check for old gasket or anything left behind I may miss. Then coat the new gasket with oil to help seal and when spinning on it does not stick and bunch up I guess you could say and be a possible leak later. Spin on when gasket seals I give extra ehh 3/4 to full turn maybe to tighten. I'm wondering if spun that on with a dry gasket, seen this same thing happen at work. Once that gasket not flat or perfect don't take long for that pressure to push it out some where. Good luck to you but sounds like be ok just mess to clean up.
  7. I don't have one but have seen in a few garages and I love them. I dont think you can go wrong with them when looking at purchasing a good quality light.
  8. Maybe by chance they did not get the filter all back on right.
  9. Very nice ride, and good to see you on Team Shelby, Welcome.
  10. I have switched from wash mint like the Griots to just using a MF towel. So far been using the Griots waterless wash ones or the ones for speed shine. Found they lint for me so work as a wash towel.
  11. I had Borla on mine and loved it. I thought for a truck I towed with it was louder but not to loud to be annoying.
  12. Just outside the Chicago area they are in Wauconda,IL . You should see the Boss X they are working on, its a work of art and one bad track machine. Give Rich a call for any of your questions, they are great to work with, I could not be any happier with their customer service. Rich Cottrell (317) 730-2921 tell him Mike Nemecek sent you Keep me updated love to hear what you end up doing and how it feels.
  13. Thank you. I wish I had a exact number but im thinking in the 3/4" range for sure. The SVTPP setup that I had is allready lover then the regular one, I think it was just perfect. Kenny Brown is fairly local for me so when they were setting up my ride hight they asked me if was a track car or track and on the road use. Told them of course I still like to plesure drive it, they said no problem if mostly track they would have dropped it another 1/2" or so but tht gets kinda low for driving, specailly with are smooth roads around here lol. I could not get over the handling difference I had with the setup, so much more controlled and back end just tracks nice and stright. They even go as far as the 500 runs a different spring rate in the front then if you get them for the 5.0 Mustang.
  14. Jae Dale: Track day went awesome could not have asked for the car to perform and better, the suspension handled great. As far as the shocks go I felt that I could feel a difference in the KB shock set up over the SVTPP that I had also. On the track they are firmer yet when hitting some rough spots on the track it felt as the whole suspension worked as a whole letting the car just float very controlled over the rough. On the road the setup actually feels better and softer then stock but when you do hit a sharp bump or something then you can feel more of the stiffer setup, I love it. I wold say if doing some track time it would be a for sure improvement. I need some brake cooling ducts now and some improvement there.
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