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  1. Took mine out for a wonderful drive too in honor of Carroll. I think Carroll would be proud to see the success Shelby American has made in the years since his death. RIP Carroll I like to think that my Dad and Carroll are up there proud of us here who are carrying on their legacies. CSSHELBYKID
  2. I was looking through Copart Salvage auctions and found this 2007 Shelby GT-H Conv. wrecked. 😫😓 Damage looks worse that it really is, in my opinion. It appears all the special items (Embelems, hood, CSM plaque) is present, so that's a plus. Hopefully someone here can pick it up and give it new life. Sure wish I could. https://www.copart.com/lot/28566789 CSSHELBYKID
  3. I believe I do. I will do some digging for the pics. PM me your email and I'll send them your way once I find them. CSSHELBYKID
  4. Hey DubbFaris, I just read your comment that said that you were the one that won the CSCF Terlingua. Awesome Car! If it is the same car (07TRT008), I got the pleasure of starting up that car and giving it a few revs when I saw it on display for the CSCF at Laguna Seca. I am so in love with the Terlingua and I hope some day to own one. I currently have a 2007 Shelby GT. Love that car so much! Anyways, if it is the same car, I would be more than willing to send you some pics I have of your car. CSSHELBYKID
  5. So, after countless hours of searching, the only website I could find that hand the item in stock was Ford Racing Parts By Don Wood for $136 each. Replacing both rears. Since these are getting hard to find, I would definitely suggest ordering them sooner than later, if your car is getting close to needing them replaced. I tried contacting Ford Performance Parts, and numerous other suppliers with no luck. So availability is limited. https://fordracingpartsbydonwood.com/ Much thanks to all for your suggestions! CSSHELBYKID
  6. My dads' 2007 Shelby GT/SC was one of the few Paxton SC that made it through before the CARB certification issue happened. In some ways, I am surprised why it doesn't pass CARB cert., because it runs extremely clean, according to the PPM numbers that come back whenever we get the car smog checked. It has never failed a smog check. Any other Paxton SC's owners out there experience the same? CSSHELBYKID
  7. Hey Team Shelby, Does anyone know where I can get a replacement Ford Racing shock for the 2007 Shelby GT. I recently purchased the Shelby rear strut brace, and in the process of reinstalling the nut for the shock, I completely messed up the threads and the tip if the shock beyond repair. I tried re-threading it/ cleaning up the threads, but it still is having issues. So, therefore, I am choosing to replace it entirely for safe measure. I know that it was the Ford Racing FR3 suspension kit, and I can kind the whole kit, or a kit that has both the front and rear, but that is over $600, and besides, I only need the rear shock Any help regarding this is greatly appreciated. THANKS! CSSHELBYKID
  8. Anyone know of any Shelby hosted events during Monterey Car Week, such as the VIP experience they had last year? CSSHELBYKID
  9. lll probably be there. bringing my Shelby GT. Unfortunately it looks like the rest of my family wont, she the 06, 07 GTH and 07 GT/SC will have to stay home Sounds like its going to be an awesome event this year!!! CSSHELBYKID
  10. I have seen around two or three TRT Plaques on eBay. From two consistent sellers. I even have found one on Craig'slist. I considered purchasing one to have as a souvenir. Is it "taboo" to buy one, as it may seem one may try to make a fake (not I)? What are your guys thoughts. CSSHELBYKID
  11. I use Wenol chrome polish on my upper and lower grill. Works absolutely great! I highly recommend. Just put a little bit on a clean rag and polish by hand. CSSHELBYKID
  12. They ended up building 5,632 of the 2007 Shelby GT. White Auto: 491 Black Auto: 508 White Man: 1768 Black Man: 2865 CSSHELBYKID
  13. Great! Thanks! I'm hoping to put together a timeline and history of the 2007-2008 Shelby GT more for a personal project. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a ton of information on the creation of the car, aside from the well known fact that it was built in response to the big demand for the GT-H. Who knows, maybe I can get enough info together to make a book on the Shelby GT and make it available to Team Shelby. If anyone has some facts and history that they know, please be sure to post what you know. Don't worry if there is already a post regarding the same information, I will weed it out etc. CSSHELBYKID
  14. I remember finding and watching a video on YouTube that was about the meeting that the big wigs at Ford had regarding the 2007 Shelby GT. I am looking to compile as much history of the Shelby GT as I can. Having trouble finding it again. Anyone else seen this video and have a link to it? Thanks! CSSHELBYKID
  15. So the next question is: with the long-awaited return of the Ford Shelby GT500, will Shelby offer an upgrade package for it? Annnnndddd, if so, will it be the return of the beloved GT500KR???? I sure hope so. It would be the perfect platform. Starting at over 700HP, with a larger supercharger and some Shelby magic, maybe we can see 850-900HP come from this beast, in addition the inevitable beautiful appearance and handling upgrades that Shelby makes. If is one thing that Vince and the other guys at Shelby can do, it is definitely make one beautiful car. CSSHELBYKID
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