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  1. https://www.copart.com/lot/41671240 2007 SGT Black. Appears to have the airbag cover signed by Carroll. VIN 1ZVHT82H775286483 CSSHELBYKID
  2. Another 2008 VB. This one is an automatic. https://www.iaai.com/vehicledetails/36791369?RowNumber=9
  3. I installed those in to my Shelby and they work and look great. They seem to be the closest thing to the originals available. Definitely was the hardest thing to find for sure. If your are looking to replace the lenses; be sure not to completely unscrew the two screws on the sides, because it is an absolute pain to get the bracket inside to stay. CSSHELBYKID
  4. Scary thing is that it doesn't appear the airbags went off. Almost looks like a Semi must have hit this thing.
  5. https://www.copart.com/lot/41925050 This one is BAD. Not sure the person got out of this one safely. Looks like it was Paxton supercharged. Its a 2008 VB SGT. VIN 1ZVHT82H585152752 CSSHELBYKID
  6. I am happy to say I have made a lot of headway. About 2 months ago I was able to get answers and a new tune file from the guys at Paxton. According to their tuning specialist, the main reason that the Cat monitors would have been turned off in the tune would have been if the tuner expected the vehicle to get long-tube headers. Makes sense to me, except that my car has stock OEM headers, so that part is weird. What still seems weird is that if long tube headers is not a part of the "normal" GT/SC package, then why is it that there are multiple vehicles that have the monitors off. Maybe just a mistake by the original creator of the tune. Anyways, it was supposedly simple for them to fix it. Literally just a click of a few buttons and the updated tune was emailed back to me. I have yet to install the new tune on the car mainly because of the current events going on. The car needs driven to reset all the monitors for the drive cycle after the new tune is installed, and unfortunately, the roads seem to be full of people that must think they are professional NASCAR drivers or something. I have seen more unsafe and 100+MPH drivers in the past 2+ months than I have ever seen. As much as it frustrates me to no-end that I feel I can't enjoy my car, I just don't want to risk something happening to the car. I will definitely give a final update once the car is officially re-tuned CSSHELBYKID
  7. Another 2008 Vista Blue SGT gone. Too bad. Looked like a very clean car. https://www.copart.com/lot/41078180
  8. Here's another SGT. Possibly another California Edition, but it is supercharged, so that may be the reason for the gauge pod. Sucks to see another gone, but glad to see it was obviously enjoyed, based upon the higher mileage (149k). https://www.copart.com/lot/40643370 CSSHELBYKID
  9. Totally agree. Only one of the 07s I found was lost due to flooding. The rest of the ones I had found had either rear end damage or front end damage. I am a college student going to school for my bachelors in Business Accounting and Financial analysis. What I like to do for fun and to keep my skills up, I have a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that I use to keep track of the wrecked ones I find. I usually look on websites like Copart and IAAI to find them, but I also keep an eye out on forums, Ebay, Facebook etc. Within the past year of doing this, I have recorded 60 Various Shelby’s that have been wrecked and are on salvage auction websites. The majority of those are Shelby GT’s I know without a doubt there is easily twice as many if not more. I only record the vehicles that rolled out of Shelby Auto’s/American or their alternate official mod shops. CSSHELBYKID
  10. In my research, I have found 3 2006 GT-Hs the be wrecked and 3 2007 GT-Hs. 😩 I am sure there are more, but in my time of scouring the internet, forums, etc, that is the number I have came to. Don’t take this as anything official. Just my opinion. I maybe be incorrect. Please feel free to correct me. 😀 2006 GT-H 1.) 1ZVHT82H365226464 06H013 2.) Unknown full VIN or CSM. Possibly 06H231. I think this one was rebuilt 3.) 1ZVHT82H265230408 Unknown CSM# 2007 GT-H 1.) 1ZVHT85H175332398 unknown CSM# 2.) Unknown VIN 07GTH280 3.) 1ZVHT85H675326709 07GTH085 CSSHELBYKID
  11. Yeah the last one is just a Mustang with highly desired parts. Probably parts from the CS6/8 body kits that were available for a while etc... Wouldn't mind getting ahold of its GT-H hood and CS6 bumper. The mustang is located relatively near me (4-ish hours away). Now if only I had the funds to purchase any or all of these cars and save them if possible. If not, salvage what I could off them. No matter what people say, these cars are a part of modern automotive history, and should be fixed if possible. Unfortunately these cars are only seen by the Insurance company's as just a Mustang, and not worth fixing or saving...
  12. I thought that as well at first, but upon a further look, it appears to have a Shelby GT hood scoop, as well as the correct front and rear bumper fascia's, and the correct FR CAI and Strut brace. I think I can almost make out the tag on the radiator support bar as well, but the picture and damage prevents from a confirmation of that. That isn't to say that the prior owner didn't just make their own rendition of a Shelby GT with a custom paint scheme. I guess we will have to await Steven Thorton's comment. CSSHELBYKID
  13. I'm constantly looking on salvage auction websites for wrecked Shelby's. Here are the current ones that I see. Yikes! Hurts to see so many on them wrecked, but I guess that is the way it goes.😫 Shelby GTs currently up for Salvage Auctions https://www.iaai.com/vehicledetails/36366192?RowNumber=1 https://www.iaai.com/vehicledetails/36032266?RowNumber=21 https://www.iaai.com/vehicledetails/36296101?RowNumber=37 https://www.iaai.com/vehicledetails/36332550?RowNumber=40 https://www.iaai.com/vehicledetails/36345304?RowNumber=42 https://www.copart.com/lot/33420560 https://www.copart.com/lot/34142830 https://www.copart.com/lot/38976060 This is a rare one with CLOTH INTERIOR 😖 https://www.copart.com/lot/39018170 https://www.copart.com/lot/37496250 This one is not a Shelby, just a Mustang with GT-H hood, CS6/8/Terlingua Bumper & CS6/8 Grille https://www.iaai.com/vehicledetails/36537912?RowNumber=33 CSSHELBYKID
  14. I recall a few individuals had replaced the “SHELBY GT” side stripe with one that read “SHELBY GT-C”. I assume they contacted shelby to have that sticker installed or had it made by a 3rd party.
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