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  1. I recall a few individuals had replaced the “SHELBY GT” side stripe with one that read “SHELBY GT-C”. I assume they contacted shelby to have that sticker installed or had it made by a 3rd party.
  2. Anyone have the “GT-C” side stripe on their shelby? If so, can I see a pic? Side note: Would you guys consider the 07 SGT California Edition a GT-C or just the 08 Grabber Orange? CSSHELBYKID
  3. Its awesome to see someone willing to save these amazing cars! Every one lost is a tragedy and every Shelby is a part of modern automotive history! I know that I wish I had the resources and the space to do the same and bring the wrecked ones back to their former glory! Welcome to Team Shelby and to being a part of the SGT Fam! I think that you will find everyone here will be an asset in your venture to restore your Shelby GT! -CSSHELBYKID
  4. Okay, so who here knows the story on this car (see link). I was browsing through the auction results on Barrett Jackson, primarily on Shelby GTs, and noticed a few things about this car that were unusual and interesting. It appears to have the base GT rear bumper cover and the Ford Racing CAI, like found on the 2006 GT-H, Polished wheels, and signs of the stripes resembling the 06 GT-Hs style (no cut out around the third brake light, etc). I compared the VIN (1ZVFT82H375214221) to some of the early SGTs, and it seems to have been manufactured very closely to whitey, the concept SGT 07GT01C. 01C has a VIN of (1ZVFT82H375214219). I saw some post on Facebook about this car being the one used for EPA testing?? Rumor or true??? If so, why produce another car to use for testing, when there were already two concepts they could use. If there is no more to the story, maybe at least this car may possibly be the lowest VIN number SGT. Not that it matters much. It doesn't mean that the car has a low CSM, as the cars were not produced in any specific order. I'm no expert, but some reasonable deduction. https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/2007-SHELBY-GT-COUPE-181347
  5. Still more Cobra than most have Looks Good!
  6. Wow what a stable! You're only missing an 07 GT-H and the Heritage SGT to finish off the Black and Gold lineup! My family has a few pieces of gold in our stable too! (Poor-ish quality. Old pictures)
  7. By the looks of your garage, there really must be Gold at the end of the rainbow Absolutely AWESOME! Is your 50th Ann. SS one of the two black ones made with the glass roof?
  8. I had a thought the other day. If you recall, the 1966 350Hs came in other colors besides black and gold. Shelby supposedly did this to meet production deadlines to build the full 1000 vehicles. I was thinking about how would the 06 and 07 GT-Hs look if they were done in the other colors besides black (Red, Blue, Green, and White). I think that an 06 in white would look awesome! Maybe someone that is good with photoshop could do a render 😀 Food for thought.
  9. Don't know if it helps, or if it is the "correct" way of doing it, but for photos, I import the photos into the "Gallery," then when do the post I click the "insert other media" tab on the bottom right. That's the only way I have found to work around the size limit.
  10. Okay...my time for storytime😂 This story isn't necessarily my story, but my Dad's. Back sometime in the 1990s, my Dad and our dear friend Dave were at Laguna Seca during the Monterey Historic Races. At the track, they both had the chance of meeting Mr. Shelby at an autograph session towards the end of the day, where they both got their diecast 427 Cobra's signed by him. The diecast had just been released and while he was signing it, Carroll was admiring it and checking it out, saying something along the lines of "wow, I'm gonna have to get me one of these..." Well then my Dad and Dave noticed that it seems to be that a lot of people ask for something from him, yet hardly anyone ever does something in return or just for him. So they raced back to their car and hurried to the local Sharper Image store, which was located in Carmel Valley. If anyone here has been to Monterey and Carmel during Car Week, they'd understand just how long that short distance drive can be. They made it into the store JUST as they were closing up for the day, and picked up one of the last models that they had. They raced back to the track as fast as they could because they knew that Carroll wasn't going to be there much longer, when they had left, and the track was closing for the day. Just as they make it to the entrance, they see Carroll riding passenger in a white sedan of some sort, passing by them in the opposite direction. So they whipped around to try and catch up to him, taking a dirt road beside the paved road, and just as the car Carroll was in was about to turn on to Hwy 68, they pulled in front of him and cut him off!!! Carroll gets out of the car screaming and cussing up a storm, probably thinking this was like some elaborate event seen in an action movie of some sort. Quickly apologizing and trying to calm the situation down, my Dad pulled out the diecast Cobra they purchased for him and said that they wanted to give this to him because he had said he didn't have one yet in his collection. Like a switch had been flipped, Carroll went from cussing to silent and apparently had a grin from ear-to-ear. He then said something along the lines of "oh my gosh, no one's ever done something like this for me..." Carroll then asks to see both theirs for a second. He pulls out a sharpie and simply wrote "Thanks" above his signature and handed it back. Over the years, my Dad amassed quite a few unique stories involving Carroll. Stories keep them both alive and all of which I cherish and proudly share when I can. Here is a picture of the diecast Carroll signed for my Dad:
  11. Nice one! What a chance of a lifetime to be able to get behind the wheel of a piece of history!
  12. Hell yeah!!! You said it!!!! And Thanks!!!
  13. Hey Team Shelby! Hoping that everyone is staying safe and well in the midst of this international health crisis. The car community has seen many amazing events canceled or postponed in protection against the spread of the virus, and many people's lives have been affected by it. Nonetheless, that shouldn't stop TEAM SHELBY from banding together virtually!!! Let's see some pics of those beautiful Shelby's, Mustangs, and any other thing on wheels!!! Call this a VIRTUAL CAR SHOW!!!! Just because a good portion of us are stuck in our houses or following social distancing shouldn't stop us from showing off the things we love. Post some pics...share your favorite car/Shelby story...share a video...anything!!! I'll start by posting a few of my most recent pics of my Shelby. Later maybe I'll share a story...
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