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  1. Don't know if it helps, or if it is the "correct" way of doing it, but for photos, I import the photos into the "Gallery," then when do the post I click the "insert other media" tab on the bottom right. That's the only way I have found to work around the size limit.
  2. Okay...my time for storytime😂 This story isn't necessarily my story, but my Dad's. Back sometime in the 1990s, my Dad and our dear friend Dave were at Laguna Seca during the Monterey Historic Races. At the track, they both had the chance of meeting Mr. Shelby at an autograph session towards the end of the day, where they both got their diecast 427 Cobra's signed by him. The diecast had just been released and while he was signing it, Carroll was admiring it and checking it out, saying something along the lines of "wow, I'm gonna have to get me one of these..." Well then my Dad and Dave noticed that it seems to be that a lot of people ask for something from him, yet hardly anyone ever does something in return or just for him. So they raced back to their car and hurried to the local Sharper Image store, which was located in Carmel Valley. If anyone here has been to Monterey and Carmel during Car Week, they'd understand just how long that short distance drive can be. They made it into the store JUST as they were closing up for the day, and picked up one of the last models that they had. They raced back to the track as fast as they could because they knew that Carroll wasn't going to be there much longer, when they had left, and the track was closing for the day. Just as they make it to the entrance, they see Carroll riding passenger in a white sedan of some sort, passing by them in the opposite direction. So they whipped around to try and catch up to him, taking a dirt road beside the paved road, and just as the car Carroll was in was about to turn on to Hwy 68, they pulled in front of him and cut him off!!! Carroll gets out of the car screaming and cussing up a storm, probably thinking this was like some elaborate event seen in an action movie of some sort. Quickly apologizing and trying to calm the situation down, my Dad pulled out the diecast Cobra they purchased for him and said that they wanted to give this to him because he had said he didn't have one yet in his collection. Like a switch had been flipped, Carroll went from cussing to silent and apparently had a grin from ear-to-ear. He then said something along the lines of "oh my gosh, no one's ever done something like this for me..." Carroll then asks to see both theirs for a second. He pulls out a sharpie and simply wrote "Thanks" above his signature and handed it back. Over the years, my Dad amassed quite a few unique stories involving Carroll. Stories keep them both alive and all of which I cherish and proudly share when I can. Here is a picture of the diecast Carroll signed for my Dad:
  3. Nice one! What a chance of a lifetime to be able to get behind the wheel of a piece of history!
  4. Hell yeah!!! You said it!!!! And Thanks!!!
  5. Hey Team Shelby! Hoping that everyone is staying safe and well in the midst of this international health crisis. The car community has seen many amazing events canceled or postponed in protection against the spread of the virus, and many people's lives have been affected by it. Nonetheless, that shouldn't stop TEAM SHELBY from banding together virtually!!! Let's see some pics of those beautiful Shelby's, Mustangs, and any other thing on wheels!!! Call this a VIRTUAL CAR SHOW!!!! Just because a good portion of us are stuck in our houses or following social distancing shouldn't stop us from showing off the things we love. Post some pics...share your favorite car/Shelby story...share a video...anything!!! I'll start by posting a few of my most recent pics of my Shelby. Later maybe I'll share a story...
  6. I agree! If no easy solution is found, we may end up registering our car in Iowa, where some of my extended family lives. No smog checks and cheaper registration! CSSHELBYKID
  7. Are you talking about H0050 or is this another individual that is going through the same issue as me? If so, feel free to have them PM me. Id like to hear their story. Hopefully this doesn't end up being a trend.😫 CSSHELBYKID
  8. OK! Forgive my slight ignorance, but where would I find the tune ID number? Would I be able to find it with the Diablo Predator hand held tuner that I have? CSSHELBYKID
  9. Yeah. My question at this point is how do I get the referee to believe that the tune on the vehicle is the one associated with the CARB E.O number, and therefore California Legal. If this was done intentionally and CARB accepted the tune as is, how do I go about getting documentation from Carb or Paxton that says that the tune IS legal, even though the Cat monitors are unsupported? I have printed out and showed the referee the CARB document for the E.O number, and he just said that I need to get the tune associated with the E.O number. I tried telling him that the car and tune is as is from Shelby, and not modified. He said back quite rudely that "Your father must have modified the tune then..." I know absolutely for sure he did not. CSSHELBYKID
  10. I checked that prior with both of my Families’ 2006 and 2007 GT-H in addition to my stock 2007 Shelby GT. All showed supported. CSSHELBYKID
  11. When I looked at the car, you could actually see and feel where they had repainted the side of the car down to the top of the drivers side side stripes. It appeared that they simply taped it off at the top of the side stripe and since the stripes were removed, there was a noticeable ridge. I also noticed that the side GT-H medallion embellem was not removed when the car was repainted as well. Some over spray and a tape line around it. So, from what I saw it appeared that the car was repainted prior to the stripes being removed. In regards to why the car seemed to be missing from the lot, it may have been due to fact that the dealer group “Cardinalle” is quite large and they have many dealerships in the same autorow. It may have been moved. I saw two Craigslist ads for the vehicle in the past. One for Cardinalle GMC and one at Cardinalle Nissan if I recall correctly. But who knows what the true reason why they removed the stripes or why it was repainted. Hope it goes to a good home. CSSHELBYKID
  12. Found this on Copart website. Another white Shelby GT gone. This one was in a rollover according to this listing. I don’t know the car and anyone involved but it looks like it was a pretty bad accident. I Just hope that the individuals involved in this wreck were ok Vin: 1ZVHT82H275342376 Manual https://www.copart.com/lot/53153779 CSSHELBYKID
  13. I've also seen this car in person. Car is not too bad but, I will say that it does show its signs of being a prior rental. It did appear that much of the drivers side had been repainted in its past, but did not look fresh enough to have been done by the dealer. I inquired about the history of the car and why the stripes were removed with a seemingly very knowledgeable sales person, and he had said that the dealer decided to remove the stripes due to them fading and looking bad. They thought that maybe the reason why it wasn't selling was because of that. In my honest opinion, it isn't a bad car for someone to fix up and maybe use as a daily driver, for the right price though. I think that maybe the price may be a bit high, in comparison to others with less miles, better condition, and of course stripes, for close to the same price. But on the other hand, and being a Shelby owner myself, I always hope for higher values, even if I don't ever plan on selling my Shelby. CSSHELBYKID
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