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  1. OK! Forgive my slight ignorance, but where would I find the tune ID number? Would I be able to find it with the Diablo Predator hand held tuner that I have? CSSHELBYKID
  2. Yeah. My question at this point is how do I get the referee to believe that the tune on the vehicle is the one associated with the CARB E.O number, and therefore California Legal. If this was done intentionally and CARB accepted the tune as is, how do I go about getting documentation from Carb or Paxton that says that the tune IS legal, even though the Cat monitors are unsupported? I have printed out and showed the referee the CARB document for the E.O number, and he just said that I need to get the tune associated with the E.O number. I tried telling him that the car and tune is as is from Shelby, and not modified. He said back quite rudely that "Your father must have modified the tune then..." I know absolutely for sure he did not. CSSHELBYKID
  3. I checked that prior with both of my Families’ 2006 and 2007 GT-H in addition to my stock 2007 Shelby GT. All showed supported. CSSHELBYKID
  4. When I looked at the car, you could actually see and feel where they had repainted the side of the car down to the top of the drivers side side stripes. It appeared that they simply taped it off at the top of the side stripe and since the stripes were removed, there was a noticeable ridge. I also noticed that the side GT-H medallion embellem was not removed when the car was repainted as well. Some over spray and a tape line around it. So, from what I saw it appeared that the car was repainted prior to the stripes being removed. In regards to why the car seemed to be missing from the lot, it may have been due to fact that the dealer group “Cardinalle” is quite large and they have many dealerships in the same autorow. It may have been moved. I saw two Craigslist ads for the vehicle in the past. One for Cardinalle GMC and one at Cardinalle Nissan if I recall correctly. But who knows what the true reason why they removed the stripes or why it was repainted. Hope it goes to a good home. CSSHELBYKID
  5. Found this on Copart website. Another white Shelby GT gone. This one was in a rollover according to this listing. I don’t know the car and anyone involved but it looks like it was a pretty bad accident. I Just hope that the individuals involved in this wreck were ok Vin: 1ZVHT82H275342376 Manual https://www.copart.com/lot/53153779 CSSHELBYKID
  6. I've also seen this car in person. Car is not too bad but, I will say that it does show its signs of being a prior rental. It did appear that much of the drivers side had been repainted in its past, but did not look fresh enough to have been done by the dealer. I inquired about the history of the car and why the stripes were removed with a seemingly very knowledgeable sales person, and he had said that the dealer decided to remove the stripes due to them fading and looking bad. They thought that maybe the reason why it wasn't selling was because of that. In my honest opinion, it isn't a bad car for someone to fix up and maybe use as a daily driver, for the right price though. I think that maybe the price may be a bit high, in comparison to others with less miles, better condition, and of course stripes, for close to the same price. But on the other hand, and being a Shelby owner myself, I always hope for higher values, even if I don't ever plan on selling my Shelby. CSSHELBYKID
  7. Congrats! You are going to love every minute behind the wheel of that PAXTON GT/SC!!!! I absolutely love the one we have. CSSHELBYKID
  8. I certainly do not wish to get any party in trouble, especially Shelby. IF the issue with the monitors was there from the start, I would believe it to be simply a mistake or an overlook. And if so, I would believe it to be Paxtons' mistake, as it was their tune that Shelby installed. If this were the case, I imagine that the tune was likely installed by Shelby using the handheld Diablo tuner, and therefore, Shelby wouldn't have any way of knowing that the monitors were off... And let it also be known that I am in no way blaming or pointing fingers at any party(s). Things happen. And besides, I can't say that California is the easiest state to appease. As for the fact that the car having passed smog for the past 12 years, it is basically because California changed their methods of testing from the "sniffer test" to now plugging in to the OBD2 port to look at monitors. As I am told, California is now more worried about the monitor status, and less about the actual exhaust output. Who knows what the reasoning behind the change was. I know that my issue will get resolved eventually. I can say for sure that I am VERY THANKFUL for everyones input and help on this matter. I am only a 23 year old "kid," and without my dad here to deal with the problem and/or help me, I am very glad that I have the Team Shelby community here to help me. I know for sure that my dad would be very thankful that everyone here has taken the time out of their busy days to help me out.☺️ CSSHELBYKID
  9. I had the same thoughts, since the reader said that there was (0) monitors "not ready." I plugged the reader in to our other Shelby GT (Stock) and our 06/07 GT-Hs, and they all say that EGR and Heated Cat is Unsupported, and based upon my research, the 2005+ 4.6L 3v did not have EGR or Heated CATS, so I don't think I have to worry about those. When you say that if the change was not undone, it could render the car inoperable, does that mean that before any kind of new tune is done to the car I first need to set the car back to stock tune?? Also: What is it about a certain tune that would throw false Check Engine Codes? Ideally, I hope to be able to have the monitors turned back on, without changing the way the car feels, runs, and drives. In my eyes it perfect the way it is. Do you think that an entire new custom tune is needed in order to remedy this issue? And if so, would it change the way the car runs/drives/feels. Forgive me if the answers are simple, as I know nothing about car tuning. CSSHELBYKID
  10. I'm hoping that the issue is simply that the monitor is not ready, and just needs driven. Besides, who in their right minds would refuse the urge or opportunity to drive this sucker!!! I borrowed my friends OBD2 reader. Based upon what it says, it also claims that there is 4 Monitors Unsupported (Some, such as EGR and Secondary A/C are not relevant...) including the Cat Monitor and that there is 0 monitors that are "Not Ready." If you see in the pics attached below, the monitor has a circle with line through it. According to the manual, the reader would show a Red X if it was "Not Ready." I actually spoke to Harold 06H0050 on the phone after this issue to see if he had any similar issues, since he lives quite close to me and has a very similar vehicle setup. And I believe he does have the Diablo Tuner as well. I will definitely try out the drive cycle anyways. Hopefully that changes things. I attached a PDF Link of what the smog referee printed out for me. And yes, it was at a local community college. He claimed that he is technically an employee of BAR, but who knows... GTSC Smog GTSC Smog 2 OBD2 Pic 1 OBD2 Pic 2 Also.... I would absolutely like to thank EVERYONE here who has thrown out their thoughts and suggestions so far. I really do appreciate all of the help. CSSHELBYKID
  11. I think he came to the conclusion that it did not have the correct tune, based upon the OBD2 Diagnostics Test came back showing that the Catalyst Monitors are "Unsupported" and I guess maybe he thinks that because maybe in order for Paxton to be able to get the E.O # from CARB, that it has to have the CAT Monitor "Supported." And Yes, the car is unmodified from the Paxton GT/SC package installed by Shelby in 2007. I did talk to another person at Paxton this past week, who was very helpful. He was confused as well why the tune would have the monitor turned off, because he says that Paxton does not, and will not sell that package with a tune that way. He said that I should do a DataLog, and send the handheld Diablo Predator tuner to them, so that they could take a look at what is up with the tune... I wonder if Paxton would have been or was able to get the E.O. # and the OK from C.A.R.B. with the CAT Monitors Unsupported in the tune? Hoping and praying that this can be resolved soon, so we can enjoy the car before winter hits. CSSHELBYKID
  12. Yeah I do need to get a true OBD2 reader. The Diablo tuner has the ability to read and clear codes, but not show monitor status, unfortunately. CSSHELBYKID
  13. The CSM is 07SGT0043. Before doing the test we drove probably 60+ miles both in town and freeway at varying speeds, making sure to get the car in to boost and obviously putting a very big smile on my face 😄 The car was tuned on and off multiple times. We basically used it as our main car for the few days leading up to the test. I asked the referee if it was just that the monitors weren't ready, and he replied saying that their computer would come back saying that the monitor was "not ready", not "unsupported". I did show him the paperwork that has the E.O. (Executive Order #D-195-21), which obviously matches the one stamped on to the supercharger itself. He said that I needed to talk either Paxton or Shelby about getting the correct tune that matches that E.O #. I told him that this car is just as it came from Shelby, so there is no reason why it would have any tune on other than the one approved by CA by the E.O #. I know for sure that my dad never messed with the tune. CSSHELBYKID
  14. Thanks Mongoose! I've already done countless hours of research and calls to try and resolve this issue. All I want to do is drive this amazing shelby and honor my dad in the best way I know, and California has to try their best throw a very big wrench at me. Haha CSSHELBYKID
  15. Thanks for the info!! Based upon my research, I would need the computer software that dynotuning shops use. Correct?? CSSHELBYKID
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