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  1. I am a bit shocked there was absolutely no interest. Not even a request for pictures....... Oh well, I guess they will go to ebay/CL.
  2. I don't think it's possible to own too many Shelby Mopars! I have two and WILL one day have an 86 GLHS, and at least one more CSX. Baby steps.....congrats though! Looks like you scored big!!
  3. Little bit of both. It does have a little fading. My CSX-T is worse with the 80s peeling they all seem to have. I still am unable to locate new rocker reproduction decals for the "T". Do you know of anything?
  4. PS...I see Positive Impressions is STILL not reproducing the CSX-T rocker decals. Has anybody come up with a solution? I am at a loss.
  5. Thank you all! I am absolutely in love with these Shelby Mopars and have been for years. Just finally got lucky and was able to add the 87 to the garage next to my 88. I hope to one day have one of each of the FWD Shelby Mopars. We have to dream big right?!
  6. Link? Having trouble finding it. Will be awhile before I'm ready to throw more dimes towards my next one, but would love to see it!
  7. I found and bought CSX 105 from the original owner yesterday. He bought it brand new out of Lynnwood Dodge here in WA in Dec of 87. He included all the paperwork from the day he purchased it including the window sticker, owners manual, warrenty book and paperwork, EVERYTHING!! To date this car is STOCK with the exception of adding a center console (as this particular car did not have it from Shelby), an aftermarket stereo, and an 89 CSX VNT rear spoiler the original owner ordered and had the dealer paint and install in 89. Roughly 80k original miles. A score for sure!! Will have it registered and authenticated as soon as the new title is recieved. Now I just need to stumble on a nice red 89 to complete the set!!
  8. Update....got the grill! Came across a couple valve covers on Ebay as well. Thanks for the help!
  9. No I haven't. I have only seen die cast GLH Omnis, plastic model "Shelby" Chargers and Daytonas....... Would love to have a P Body Shelby CSX or GLHS Omni. Really....anything Shelby Mopar would be cool. Sad to say I believe out of the Shelby cars, we appear to be the black sheep of the family.
  10. I am a die hard Shelby Dodge fan and absolutely love the 2.2L Turbo. The question I have is, are there any collectors out there that have die cast GLHS or CSX pieces for sale or links to any? I have found a couple little things here and there, but want more for my Shelby wall. Any help is greatly appreciated.....
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