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  1. Correct, I think mine took about 15 hours each and since ithey are convertibles, there was no roof or it would have been closer to 20. Many steps and can not rush it.
  2. Not sure where you are in CA but Gloss It in Las Vegas, Nevada did my 2007 GT-H and 1989 Saleen, both black convertibles and did a great job. Black cars are tricky. I garage both cars but they were done 3-4 years ago and still look great.
  3. Nope, still waiting. Haven’t heard anything in months since I last reached out to them.
  4. Y RNT has been on mine since I got the car on August 1, 2008
  5. That would be great if you could take a few pictures.

  6. I have a used set of 4 with no tires I believe. I am in Las Vegas. Make me an offer if you are still looking for a set. I can dig them out and get a couple of pics if you need them.
  7. I have also thought about it too many times and SA is dangerously close to home. It is your car to enjoy and if you bought it to drive and enjoy, what it is worth is irreverent. I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I were looking to buy a GT-H, I would pay the premium for the upgrade to a stick shift (original or otherwise) and I am sure others would as well. I own multiple manual transmission Mustangs, a manual transmission Superduty and a manual transmission Excursion so I may be a little biased. As pointed out, you could always include all the orig8nal parts if someone ever wanted to swap it back. I say go for it!
  8. I had to replace the battery in mine in 2009. I put a Die Hard in it then. Used them in many other Mustangs over the years and always worked great. I have never had a vehicle with a warranty before and it did not even occur to me that it was probably still under warranty until about 3 days later. Lesson learned... That battery lasted about 7 years. Towards the end, it would "drain" more quickly. I replaced it with a stock Mototcraft battery about a year ago and haven't had any issues. I don't drive it a lot, it has had about 11,000 miles put on it in a little under 10 years. I try to at least start it every couple weeks and put a 50-100 miles on it a month.
  9. Figured that was the case, but wanted to double check. I have had the car for 10 years and was never really 100 percent sure. Thanks for the clarification!
  10. Will the traction control light go on and off if the clip is still in there? I am the first owner and did not remove it. I don't want to try to pull the button off unless I am sure the clip is still under there. When I push on the botton, the TCS light goes on and off.
  11. One of the worst "it is real, really" Shelby Mustangs I have seen to date. If you want to modify your Mustang, more power to you but don't claim it is something it is not. The 6 cylinder motor should have been the first clue even without any pictures. Aside from the fact that it is for sale at almost half of what they sell for, anyone who does not do minimal research in this day and age when there is so much information out there and it is easy to verify that it is fake or authentic, deserves what they get if they were to buy it thinking it is a real Shelby and they are getting a great deal. With that said, it should be illegal to try to pass off a tribute or clone as the real thing. That is fraud, plain and simple.
  12. What type of paint and clear did you use? What is the name or number of the silver? Those look great.
  13. Agree the price is a little steep. I have been looking for a set of these for a long time and can't remember the last time I saw any of this variety for sale, in any condition. I have a set of the newer version that Shelby offered (GT-H with the gold snake) but they are still in the box 4 years later because I am afraid to get them dirty. At least you can still buy those so maybe I should just install and enjoy them. Quite honestly would rather have a set of lightly used ones if anyone has a set of any GT-H mats they would like to part with. Like most thing GT-H, it is supply and demand. Look at what a set of engine caps or the GT-H book is going for lately compared to what you could buy them for not long ago directly from Shelby Performance Parts.
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