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  1. Jim, Maelissa and I are planning to attend. Our son Christopher enlisted with the Marines and is heading to boot camp on Dec 6th. He and his girlfriend may go on the Toy Drive too ? Tom
  2. Kevin, I came by the garage a few times but missed you and McGuirk. I even brought a helmet ?. We'll hook up next time!
  3. Kevin, my truck needs washing from the rain,and you still need to wash my 2011 GT350 ?
  4. My 1965 C-Prepared autocross race car exiting Turn #2...
  5. We are so lucky to be living in an era with the return of American muscles cars and be at an age where we can own the real cars versus playing with the Hot Wheels versions. Hellcat's, Z/28's, and Shelby's. Race Red, Competition Orange, Gotta Have It Green. Superchargers, 500+hp, and 22mpg. And let's not forget trick trucks like the Raptor. Let the good times roll :-)
  6. Jerseygator, is there a Shelby behind that there girl? Ha! Ya, Gooch drives like it's stolen and out drove the 500+hp supercharged new Shelby's with his lil' hi-po 289 at Spring Mountain. The guy is amazing :-)
  7. Great. 1 of 7, 1 of 1. What is your point? Is there an implied "yours is worth more than the other 2012's bc it is 1 of 1"? If only it were a wide-body convertible...unless, one doesn't like the wide-body convertible...but I do and don't care what others like ;-) I think you missed my point which is drive the car, enjoy it, and don't worry about the value. Oh, and consider yourself fortunate to own a real GT350...
  8. Blah, blah, blah about the current or future market value of the SAI GT350's. My guess is none of you own one. I have a 2011 GT350 45th Anniversary Edition. One of about 150 sold. Rare? Umm, you bet. Worth every penny of the $70k spent on it. About as close to custom built as it gets. We have photos of it being built at SAI. Hand signed by Carroll too. Can't say that for a GT500 or new 2016 GT350. My 2008 GT500KR was special and the 2011 GT350 is too. All Shelby's which SAI produced are, IMHO, far more special than Ford's mass produced GT500's. Not taking anything away from the GT500's but the SAI cars will forever be part of Shelby's history. I don't care what it's worth, it's mine, it was built for me, it gets driven. Will it be worth more or less in the future? Who cares! I bought it to enjoy :-) I saw the 2016 GT350 at the LA Auto Show. It's absolutely bitchin'! Very well engineered and prepared. IMO, comparing the 2016 GT350 to the 2011-13 is like comparing a C7 Vette to a C4 Vette. Technology advances and so do cars. Now compare a new GT350 to a 65 GT350 or C7 Vette to a 63 Vette, sure the new cars will out perform the old but the vintage cars are so special. Riding in Gooch's 65 GT350 School Car was a memory of a lifetime. Driving my GT350 at Laguna Seca, Sears Point, and Spring Mountain was a thrill of a lifetime too. Racing my 65 race car against Frank Stagnaro (Google "Done in 60 Seconds Maier Racing") is a thrill too. Simply put, they are all different cars but share the same name. Old, new, or newer, or full race, they were designed for high-performance driving.
  9. TClark24CP

    Car Hauler

    I have a 28' TPD Vortec with triple-axles. It is an awesome trailer and TPD stands behind their product. TPD replaced the generator door when it was 5yrs old, free of charge. We usually tow our race car and use a winch to load it. The floor, which is made from the same composite material as the side panels, is scuffed from gravel embedded in the slicks. I glanced at MM's trailer and was impressed with the quality. The side access is a real plus when winching is not an options. We brought our 2011 GT350 home in the TPD and it was a bitch climbing through the window. Several friends have 20' and 24' TPDs. IMO, 20' is cramped and 24' is comfortable. I landed a great deal on my 28' but it is overkill. 26' might be optimal if carrying extra tires, fuel, jack, etc. For all around, 24' is very maneuverable has and good room.
  10. Hi Mike, That's an interesting suggestion. Ours has a sofa/bed unit, just need a sink ;-). Wonder how they would deal with a car hauler / living quarters arrangement.... Tom
  11. Team Members, Be aware of your towing policy! AAA will not tow a "loaded" trailer. They do offer a Premium policy but it too does NOT cover loaded trailers. In fact, they won't even move a loaded trailer off the road for safety purposes. Today, we were driving home from an autocross event at Marina and our F450 took a dump and died in Morgan Hill. Fortunately, we exited an off ramp but the truck died before pulling to the shoulder. AAA towed the truck but left the trailer in the middle of the road. Seriously, who makes up this stuff? Fortunately, a fellow racer lived 2 miles from where we broke down and picked up our trailer with his truck. We were dumbfounded when we were informed about the tow limitations, and everyone we've talk to assumed trailers were covered. So, beware of your tow policy! Just curious if others know or don't know about towing policies, and are there any tow policies which do include trailers. I've heard there is a company which horse hauler's use but the premiums are expensive. Thanks, Tom
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