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  1. I will be at the super Car wash just south of Duggans.
  2. Does anyone have any interest in meeting at a SE Michigan State Park to talk cars and meet the local members? This would be fun to do before the summer is over. Please feel free to make any suggestions.
  3. I had the same problem,minutes yncar would died and not restart as soon as it it hot. It left me stranded on the first drive after I bought car. It was a struggle, but it was the crank position sensor. The dealer finally found by putting a flight recorder in the car, driving it, and see hat the cps lost sync and the car wold die. It would restart and drive for a short time until it happened again. It was repeatable. Hope this helps
  4. Lots of good advice.... All comments are accurate. The best advice is to move from the city. If you cant, go to a range and try some 9mm, a .40 and a 38 special s&w revolver. That should give you a good cross section of different calipers, semi auto vs. revolver. Target Sportsnon Woodward in Royal Oak has a good selection of rental pistols.
  5. Unless you know someone at Ford that can getyou into the plant while the car is built, there is no way to see it in the build process.
  6. Original motorcraft if you want the car to look factory. Suggest Optima if you do not.
  7. The SAE standard is an attempt to certify all engines the same way. Ford as well as all other OEM use this procedure for cert and then for advertising. Ford actually takes the average of three engines to get the numbers. Since the 2013 car was clearly designed to have the highest horsepower available,( that is why it is missing the grill insert, to drop water temp so you dont pull spark timing due to ect hitting the limit ). Ford would not have under called the numbers. The numbers are at the crankshaft and does not take into account drive line losses. Only FEAD and exhaust losses are taken into account.
  8. Just got mine today. Install this weekend....
  9. My husband loves my hobby! We have a Mustang and a Raptor
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