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  1. Found a local seller and picked up a used set at a discounted price. Thanks for the help everyone.
  2. Yes I'm looking for the stock chrome bullitt that came with our cars. 18x8.5 is what I have. I'm trying to find one for a reasonable price. I'm just hoping shipping isn't too bad as I'm in Houston. on a side note, would anyone happen to know the backspacing on these wheels?
  3. chrome/polished. I'm seeing a lot of 18x8, and 18x9 but no 18x8.5. Don't really wanna get one mis matched 18x9.
  4. I'm looking for a direct replacement 18x8.5 rim for my 07SGT. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a new or perfect condition used rim please? I've been looking around and can't seem to find anything reasonably priced. thanks
  5. Just a claw hammer and a bearing puller. Everything else you can makeshift (seal puller and bearing install kit). Took about four hours to get the car up, diff case open, rotors off, axle out, and everything back in.
  6. Went with the FRPP. Gonna install this weekend if it doesn't rain. Thanks Albino.
  7. I went for an alignment and rotation this weekend and found quite a bit of oil on the inside of my driver rear rim and tires. Looks like I'll be spending a day pulling the axle out. Can anyone share their experiences with this? I also wanted to confirm we run an 8.8 rear diff with 32 spline axles so I can get the right parts. If you guys know if a good product (rear axle seal and bearings), OEM or aftermarket, from a good site or location please let me know so I can get this started. Last, do you recommend doing both axle seals and bearings since I'll have the diff cover off anyways? Its probably only an extra 30 minutes of work. But then again I don't want to fix what's not broken either. thanks for the input guys and gals.
  8. Thanks guys, seems like it was a camber issue. Went ahead and got some cam bolts and put her back in specs.
  9. Repairs were strictly electronic. It was a loose connection on the AC blower motor. I'm getting the tires balanced and new alignment this weekend; nitto 555gs. Same stock rims. Hopefully that'll fix it. If not I'm taking everything apart. grrrr
  10. OK so not necessarily a Shelby questions but I figured peoples here knows their cars more than I do. Just got my car back from getting my AC fixed and now she shakes and shimmies dangerously when turning left at high speeds (60+). I"m talking steering wheel is going to break off and front end feels like I'm about to lose control. Progressively worse as I pick up speed. Scared the heck out of me and slowed down to 45 around the corner. No problems going straight or turning right. Only left turns on overpasses and what not. LCA's and brakes are about 1 year old. I just ordered a new pair of tires but I'm pretty sure the shaking isn't strictly tire related. Any ideas would be helpful. thanks,
  11. I'm looking to upgrade as the Houston heat is causing her to run a bit hotter than I'm comfortable with. AC sometimes turns off when I'm sitting in traffic so I'm going to have to cool her down. Any with experience please chime in. Right now I'm looking at the Mishimito, Fluidyne, C& R and the ford boss 302 radiator. http://www.americanmuscle.com/mishimoto-mustang-radiator-2005.html http://www.americanmuscle.com/cr-racing-radiator-0510gt.html http://www.americanmuscle.com/frpp-aluminum-radiator-0510gt.html https://lmr.com/item/FHP-2005MU/05-09-Fluidyne-Mustang-Aluminum-Radiator How hard is it to fit? I've heard clearance is tight. Should I get a new fan also? Thanks team,
  12. I know this sounds weird but I'm running Yoko envigors up from and Nitto 555 in the rears and I'm getting a really good balance. Everything is a bit more predictable than running pure all seasons and even when running all summers. I really wanted the Michelins but they all come in low profiles and I wanted something meatier as she's my DD with 1/4 pulls in the summer weekends. 245s up front and 255 in the rear on stock 18 inch rims. I wasn't getting enough grip with 4 UHP all seasons and was spinning my wheels too much in the rain with all UHP summers and this combo fits my driving style very well right now.
  13. Yup, took me two days to figure out how to switch it on the HU. Thanks Jer.
  14. So I got bored today and picked up a reverse camera to plug into my kenwood dnx5120. Tapped my reverse light and ground to get power and ground to the camera. Plugged my video cable to my head unit. My head unit also has a purple rear cam wire so I ran that to the rear light also. Only problem is camera only turns on manually (hold my nav button for 2 seconds). It does not switch on when I put her in reverse. Any ideas? Is there another reverse wire someone I should be tapping into? thanks, Chance
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