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  1. A good Prez.?????? I don't think the American people had that option on their ballots. I hope I'm wrong. The people have spoken and now they must live with the consequences, good or bad.
  2. Congrats to your wife Steve , good things come to good people.
  3. uote name="BIKEBOY" post="1629317" timestamp="1440886089"]Drove the Mercedes down to a Chebby stealer near Jeef this mawrnin' and traded....... Very nice BB. Great choice. Post up your impressions when you have time.
  4. Appreciate the thoughts Chris but it's too much hassle to ship to Canada. It's the thought that counts though! Thanks also to the rest of the NTT gang for the kind words. I was simply "paying it forward' with my gesture to steve. It's a great feeling! BTW, I'm Bob not "Caitlin"!
  5. Congrats BB. Can't wait to see the pictures. BTW....G is a smart lady!
  6. Steve, according to UPS, the package was in Doraville yesterday. Hopefully you will see it soon.
  7. Starting to look like it's the McDavid Sweepstakes or bust!!
  8. I respect your opinion guys, I was simply stating mine. Where we seem to differ is that until someone provides some credible evidence that this was indeed a terrorist attack by an "Islamic Ahole Terrorist", I refuse to give them credit for this tragedy.Is that not exactly what they want in order to instill fear in the general public??
  9. This incident was a real tragedy and if not for Mr. Vickers it certainly could have been much worse. However, calling it a terrorist attack appears to me to be a real stretch. This Ahole was in Ottawa to get a new passport and, because of his criminal background he had been denied until such time as his application could be investigated properly.Apparently he snapped and wanted revenge. This is according to latest information from RCMP. The shooter encountered many people after he shot his original victim and I believe if it was truly a terrorist attack they would be dead or wounded also.
  10. Good Luck BB. Glad to see you're back to your original color choice, you had me worried that you were going to accept another color to get the deal done. I believe that change would result in regret in the long run.
  11. Sublime with black graphics . My favourite ride back in the early 70's was a lime green 340 six-pack challenger so I'm probably just a little biased! Some great memories though.
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