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  1. Since I didn't plan on going over 168 mph, I went with Michelin AS3's on my 2013 two and a half years ago and have no regrets. I feel a lot safer on the Michelins. 275-40-19 Front 285-35-20 Rear
  2. 2014 GT500 Owners Manual Supplement 2014 MUSTANG Owner’s Manual
  3. Without the blue screen or the ctrl-alt-del. Although the newest version seems to have reset.
  4. Check with Dave at ECS Automotive Concepts for the door decals. He may be able to make you a set if you can supply him with good pictures or the old decals.
  5. I have never read anything about a factory clutch upgrade for the 2014's, do you have a link to that information?
  6. Nothing like having a big ol' hunk of conductive metal bolted down between the positive and negative posts of a high amperage battery.
  7. Hey guys, it is what it is. When your on the internet you have to deal with the bad and good. I will just make note of the OP's username and won't respond to any of his future questions. Thanks for looking out for me.
  8. Maybe this will help. From the 2014 Mustang Factory Service Manual
  9. You asked about the configuration of the 2014 GT500 exhaust system and I gave you an answer. Since I have owned a 2013 GT500 for over 3 years, I think that would qualify as personal experience considering the 2013-14 GT500s have the same exhaust system.
  10. The only bad thing about the Michelin Pilot Super Sport's is trying to find a set of 4.
  11. PCM The PCM monitors the inputs and any HS-CAN messages that relate to the differential cooler system and controls the oil pump activation. When a new PCM is installed, the module must be programmed with the vehicle configuration information. For additional information on module programming, refer to Section 418-01.
  12. Only if it is a coupe. That would be your best chance of selling it or someone with the TP interested in it for spares. The PCM may need to be reprogramed in order to use it on a non TP car. Someone without the SVT PP coupe wiring harness would have to fabricate a new wiring harness for the differential cooler pump and temp sensor and tie into the output shaft speed sensor. They would also have to buy a relay for the pump. Refer to the wiring diagram attachment in post #9.
  13. Only Only the Coupe with SVT PP has the correct harness. That's one reason why you can only get the SVT TP option on a SVT PP coupe and not a SVTPP convertible. There are 4 different body wiring harnesses available, 2 for the coupe (SVT PP & non SVT PP) and 2 for the convertible (SVT PP & non SVT PP).
  14. Unless the buyer has a 2013/14 GT500 Coupe with the Performance Package, they will have to get a new main body wiring harness. The wiring for the diff cooler pump and temp sensor is only in the coupes SVTPP wiring harness. Not to mention any computer related problems and relay. This is from the 2014 Mustang Service Manual
  15. Where are you located? How many miles?
  16. This would be a great addition to a future GT500. TREMEC TR-9007 DCT
  17. Does Ford have any car with a rear mounted transaxle that is capable of AWD?
  18. Ford's 2017 Shelby GT350 returns with Sync 3 and more
  19. Bikeboy, The good old days when you had paper manuals and parts books. The bad part was trying to keep them updated.
  20. Helm - Ford Service Manuals Or you can find one on eBay. I noticed that there were some manuals that are selling for $10, some of these are time limited, they won't work after a certain date. Make sure the seller can supply you with the information you will need in order to use the DVD past the expiration date. I have the one from Helms
  21. Shelby GT500 Supplement Owner’s Manual Printing 3 Owner Manuals
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