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  1. Your so sweet to invite us, but we will be going up to Sacramento on friday. Can't wait to see you in old town Sat am!
  2. Dan I are really excited we get to go this year. Looks like one car, so far. I exercise my womans prerogative to change my mind. Lol.
  3. Dan and I will be attending. Not sure if taking two cars or one. Very excited to see you!!
  4. It will now be two for the cruise. Dan was able to get off work. Yay!
  5. I will be going. Dan will be working. Now, which car to bring. hmmmmmm
  6. I'm so excited about this cruise. Put me down for two vehicles. I hope we have as good a showing of Bosses like we did last time. That was a treat! It was a great turnout. And hopefully the lead car will not hit another bird and pelt me with feathers. Lol
  7. Dan and I will be there to meet the 85/101 group. One Red and one Grabber Orange. That is a great meet spot. Right near the fruit stand. lol
  8. Cruise the coast, cruise the valleys, cruises, cruises, cruises. Food, of course, is always involved.
  9. Dan and I will be there. Unsure if two cars or one. Decisions, decisions.
  10. Hi everyone. Looks like we will be lucky enough to join you on Saturday. Would love to know who else is meeting at the Mercury news at 9AM? We will probably be bringing the Red Shelby. Lori and Dan
  11. Looks like my Hubby and I will be attending Not sure if we will bring one car or two. Lori & Dan 2013 GT500 Red Candy (bringing this one) 2007 Saleen/Parnelli Jones Boss 302 (may have to bring this one)
  12. This is my favorite picture. Needs to be a poster and put in your well organized garage.
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