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  1. 2020 Bash cancelled/postponed.
  2. Thanks Mongoose. She said to tell you thanks
  3. Thanks BB. Thanks Tek. Thanks Keith Thanks 07
  4. Hey Guys, long time no see. We survived the Shelby being totaled. Bought a Ford Edge ST. Oh, Jasmine and I got married last Friday. We could not be happier.
  5. A bunch of bruises, broken glasses etc. Thanks for asking.
  6. Beautiful car. We were going before my 2007 Mustang GT500 Convertible got hit from behind and totaled. Thinking on selling a set of 4-9" Alcoa, Shelby American rims and Michelin tires and Autographed dash insert Looking at buying another in the spring but the wheels would look good on your car.
  7. Thanks. I think he was on his phone as well. Police won't release to me whether he got a ticket or not. Hi BB, Chris and thanks. The medical people were surprised we did not get any whiplash. I chalk it up to Engineering. Those annoying headrests the push against your head stopped the whiplash effect. Actually i don't find them so annoying now.
  8. Thanks Keith. Me and my young Fiancee. Me thinks he was on his phone, too.
  9. Howdy y'all, Eh.June 26, 2019 Not going to drive to Dearborn now. Just picked the car up from getting the new top and liner put on. Heading south on an 80k road towards home in a 80 Km zone, construction ahead, traffic stopped, i slowed to 15kph. Guy behind me never hit the brakes. 1995 GMC pickup truck Just got word today its been totaled. Jasmine and I are okay, bruised up a bit, our glasses broken. that is the main thing. Tires and rims are not damaged, swapping them back for factory original tire and rims, getting the Carol Shelby autographed center air-duct back as well.
  10. Thanks Jim. Will think about this event. Getting married in September this year so funds are limited. Have a great week Eh.
  11. Where and what is this about? Please post link.
  12. Would also love to take my Shelby and then wife on a trip to Nova Scotia in 2020. Getting married September 2019, even an Autumn trip somewhere would be nice. Maybe we should reach out to Sean.....
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