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  1. Great Keith. Getting things done around the house. Bought a new top for the 2007 GT500, should be here in a couple days. Rear window molded glass popped out last summer, tried to reseal the glass with industrial glass tape. Hows it going in Nova Scotia these days?
  2. Great thanks. Hows it going for you?
  3. Same question. Jim Hardie: Can we possibly look at doing Shelby event here in Southern Ontario this summer? Maybe piggy back another event?
  4. Hey Lobby, How's it going? Time flys by. Have fun in Vegas next week to all that are going. Got my first Tattoo yesterday. Have a few more in mind. Really glad I retired from Western University. Take care and good health to y'all, Eh.
  5. Rest in Peace Ruf. My condolences to any family and friends he had.
  6. Got the card Keith, thank you. Today is my last day of work. We are on vacation until January 2nd. My Retirement date is January 1st 2019. I am officially retiring after 28 plus years at the University. My girlfriend and I plan on attending some Shelby events this summer. Merry Christmas Y'all, Eh.
  7. Sounds like a normal day in Canada .:)
  8. Hi Guys, Can you please add me to the list of well wishes for Ruf (Bryan)?
  9. Hi Lobby, Waiting for the elevator so I thought I would post. For any of you guys who build car models, here is one that won't last long; https://www.oldmodelkits.com/index.php?detail=41240&newlist=1&erl=MPC-1-16-Shelby-Cobra-427-1-3082 Ding, elevator is here, stay safe and have a great day tomorrow.
  10. Passing through and thought Y,all would like this, Eh. http://www.autonews.com/article/20180901/RETAIL03/180909975/mustang-alley-woodward-dream-cruise
  11. Thanks Keith. I'll drop by once in a while. It looks like Hurricane Chris is going to miss you guys.
  12. Hi Lobby. This sounds about right. https://www.narcity.com/life/theres-a-provincial-park-in-canada-that-genuinely-uses-a-rock-to-do-weather-forecasts-and-its-ridiculous?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=jcoic_1daycampaign
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