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  1. Jim SVT NAJA, Kathy and I want to extend our thanks and gratitude to you for all that you do for TS PCR throughout the year. We love the camaraderie that you inspire and appreciate all the extra effort you put into organizing fun events where "it never rains"! (We are all pretty sure you have a connection upstairs! - or maybe it is just your magic. ) We look forward to enjoying many years to come. And to all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016!
  2. I got some pic's from friday's SAAC Turkey Bowl at Laguna Seca and got some good footage from Cali_KR's GOPRO Camera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpGRkxwIZmw Also wanted to give a BIG thanks To Albino500 for letting me take the SGT4755 on the track for some HOT laps
  3. Totally forgot his was happing this comming weekend............. So put myself +1 for the cruz. Thanks
  4. I'll work on that...... might have to hold until I get some work done on her Like some bigger bars and maybe some tires and wheels..... Oh and a BIG brake kit
  5. Hey Jim, Can you put myself and kathleen down.....Oh and we're bringin BLUE THUNDER , it's about ttime it comes out for a drive since it hasent been out since the 50th in vegas :happy feet: and we'll meet up in the south
  6. I,m into ...... But there was no where to add a guest Hey Jim are you going to put together a cruz up to the Q
  7. Lady's and Gentleman........ ..........and now for the long awaited pic's from Thunderhill Raceway in Willow's Ca March 7&8 2014 .... Sorry there late
  8. Congratulations there again there little buddy..... Now, We Gotta work on that check list for the track ................Just Sayin
  9. REALLY !!! I signed up Blue Thunker......Boy I hope it'a got enough HP to turn the rollers I'll have to let all the guys with the fancy SC's go first to loosen up the dyno. So Fat Boss they will be wondering and laughing at me more than your Boss
  10. So KP hung up the new banner from Shelby Performance, THANKS Jer Way cool.......................... and always lookin for more wall art. The walls are 16' tall so lots of space to fill. And to the CaliKR...... MAN YOU ROCK Thanks for the flowers
  11. And a couple more, hope you all like them.
  12. Ok well I got some pic's of the NAKED interior,here they are so enjoy
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