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  1. Thanks for the tip UK PONY!! i was actually thinking of buying a few 1:18's from this seller, even though his feedback is kinda shotty, he does have some of the best prices.
  2. Im from Canada, picked mine up a while back....i dont think the CDN packaging has any tribute on the back....wonder why that is??
  3. here is a really dumb question, im not used to driving manual cars with this much power, so for just cruising around town what is a safe speed or RPM to shift from 1st to 2nd? i know, i know DUMB!!!, but i guessed this would be the best place to post it. in the past with all other cars 1st was just to get the car going and had to change almost instantly at lets say 20 km (12 m\ph) whats safe on these cars cause it seems i could go a lot further. on my EVO i can go further but the GT500 seems to have an even longer 1st gear. i looked in the manual both reg and gt500 supplement and all it stated was ridiculous shift points for fuel economy. sorry for the "really" dumb question and thank you for any replies Cheers
  4. Thank you so much Boidster and everyone who replied, i will let you know how it goes hopefully this weekend she gets a wash and next weekend oil change on the road!!
  5. Thanks for all the replies gents, Very Very much appreciated!!! I fully plan on getting it out of storage (the garage) by June 1st. my other issue is, i want to start it and back it out of the garage so i can at least wash it but i think after letting it sit 6 or so month and only starting it up to back it out, it would only be on for maybe 3-5 mins of idling and backing her up and then shutting her down again. i'm guessing this isn't a good call? should I just take it and get the oil changed and then take it home to wash? this sounds like the better idea. I guess i should look for a DIY on this board for changing the your own oil
  6. Thanks Joe, i will be sure they carry and use the correct oil, hell maybe i should just learn to do it myself!! last thing i want though is for them to pull some sort of Warranty BS down the line if something happens and they relate back to me doing my own oil changes. Thanks for all your help today guys, i will start her up this weekend and see how it goes. if anyone else however does have anything to add or feels something has been missed, please feel free to chime in
  7. Thanks for the replies so far gents, so do you think starting it up and driving it down to my local ford dealership (non SVT) is safe then? i was just concerned that cause it sat for a whole winter without fluids moving through out it that things might have dried up and cause issues while driving, like i said never stored a car before always drove whatever car i owned everyday.
  8. Thanks for the reply Boidster, i really dont need to drive it home, i should have said it was in my garage i had planned on taking it to a close by Ford dealership to get the oil changed and have them check the car over. it's a non svt dealership though if that makes any difference. since it hasn't been started in 6 months, how long should i let it run before actually driving it away? this is my first car with a supercharger so dont really know what needed to be done, i have had turbo's on 3 other cars but never had a S\C before.
  9. Hello All, Great forum here!! i have been researching on here for the last 6 months or so and need some help, Im going to apologize right off the bat for this lengthy post but any help would be greatly appreciated. last September 2011, i bought a 2012 Black Gt500 SVTPP and i drove it sparingly for a few months til i put it away for the winter. I live in Canada and my commute to work is 125 Km both ways(78 miles i believe) and imo it just isn't worth it to make it a daily driver. So its a weekend toy. However since i put it in storage i haven't touched it, i have read on here on how to properly store a car for the winter so many times that i have those threads memorized. Now i want to take it out of storage but i'm afraid since i have never stored a car. I'm not sure what to expect when i finally sit in it once again and turn the key, i have searched and forgive me if i missed it but i cant find a thread on how to properly take a car out of storage. my car is stored in a garage, on anti fatigue mats with a ctek trickle charger attached, full tank of gas and since it is so new the original oil from when i bought the car is still in it, as of now it has about 800 km's on it or so. it hasn't been started in about 6 months, at the beginning before i had the ctek charger i would start it and let it run for 20 mins or so but i found that just wasted the fuel and drained the battery. So i read on here to just connect it and forget it til the time comes to drive it again. so i followed that advice but now i am worried as to what i need to do to get it on the road again. i just had a baby boy, (three months old yesterday actually) and this is something i intend on keeping and passing on to him one day, that is if he enjoys cars as much as i do it took me a lot of years to be able to afford this car and i have gone through many cars hoping they would scratch that Shelby itch i've had for so long, but nothing ever came close. Now that it is a reality i don't want the experience to get ruined because of something i am doing wrong when i could have saved myself a lot of heart ache and just asked. so sorry for the long first post, i am a veteran member on many other forums and i know it gets people angry when a "noob" comes in asking dumb questions lol!! as i said any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks and God Bless
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