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  1. I saw this car at the Northern GA Mustang Show in Maggie Valley NC back in October. The repairs looked very good. The car was in the parking lot, so I didn’t get to see under the hood.
  2. I was looking at some of the build pics from Shelby that i have found online. In a few of the pics I see white round stickers on the windshield and back back windows. Does anyone know if these numbers are a way for Shelby employees to identify which car (CSM) this is? I also saw one that had a blk/gold round sticker on the windshield with "CA" on it. I assume this is to show where the car is going. CA cars had to have different smog components?
  3. Congrats ers. I just sold a 2007 Convertible GTH and still have my 2016. I just moved to NC from Northern Va. I know of at least two other 07 Vert's in Northern Virginia. I am sure there are others in Va that I have not seen before. I used to take mine to the National Capital Region Mustang Clubs Show as well as the Central Va Mustang Clubs Shows in Richmond. I was the only newer (06-16) Hertz car at those shows. I know HertzII keeps an informal database on these cars as well as others I'm sure.
  4. ERS61 Congrats. It's nice to see another GTH in Virginia. It replaces mine that just left VA for NC... They are fun cars... Enjoy
  5. I just saw this for sale on Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2006-Hertz-Shelby-GT-H-Dash-Plaque-06H0006/264108001628?hash=item3d7e10495c:g:DYMAAOSw6iZcKDQS:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true Not mine, just wanted to share in case the owner of Car#006 is on here. Ken
  6. Thanks 16H126. That's what I thought, but wanted to make sure. Now all I need to do is find a nozzle for the passenger side.
  7. They told me about the damage. They were very up front about what happened and have told me they will make it right.
  8. Could someone please post a picture of windshield washer nozzle locations. I was cleaning and detailing my car today and noticed the washer lines just laying across the firewall. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Ken
  9. I totally agree. I do have pictures of the before and after so I think I'll be OK there. I haven't spoken to the service manager yet, but I'm hoping the silver dash parts are 2 pieces, as mine is signed by Gary Patterson at the top. Gary signed mine at Carlisle in 2016, when it was the bookend for the Team Shelby tent presentation done by Gary.
  10. Just had both sides done on 07H079. I took the car into our local Quick lane for a state inspection. The service writer told me he could get the recall done in 2 hours, so I took advantage, since the dealership was telling me I needed to leave the car for a week. Wellllll.....The mechanic must've been having a bad day. He managed to scratch the dash and crack the plastic silver cover. I was not happy, as I have the car entered in a show in 3 weeks. The service writer told me he has a guy who can fix it....We'll see about that. Be careful who goes prying on your dash...
  11. I wanted to share my buying experience with everyone. I was in a quandary as my 2007 convertible is #79. 2016 #79 is available, as stated above. I couldn't bring myself to buy that car with the horrible repair work done to it. I wanted an accident free and complete (all Hertz GTH parts there) car. I had narrowed my search down to a top 5. All of them were in California. I am in Virginia, so I was going to have to add in transportation fees, or airline tickets to get it. I found car #54 in Winston Salem, NC which is drive-able from where we are. Car #54 was missing the winglets and the floor mats, which scared me, since I had been reading they were no longer available. I called Jeremy at Shelby and asked if these parts were available if I purchased this car and he advised yes they were. The car was accident free, so we took the plunge. We purchased Car #54 with this in mind. I was able to negotiate the price of the car by advising Hertz of the missing parts and how much they cost. My wife and I drove to Winston Salem and picked up the car. I was able to order the parts I needed from Jeremy and am in the process of getting the car put back to complete. My advice is to find the best car for what you want. I read the dealer in Arizona wouldn't budge on the price for #79, which is a shame for a car that needs stripes and a grille. We are very happy with our purchase and finally took it to our local cars and coffee this morning. Ken
  12. Pics of Car#54. It needs a good detailing which I'm working on.
  13. David at Winston Salem was awesome to work with as well. Here is what was in my packet. The Dealership sent the info in for me. I didn't even have to contact Hertz. No rivets, but the center caps and mouse pad were cool additions.
  14. I know of 4 that were sold within the past week. I was looking at a car in Roseville, California. When I called, both cars they had were sold. I also called about a Santa Clara car and it too was sold. I bought the last Winston Salem car, so that's 4. I think most people who were waiting for the 40K price range have jumped at the remaining cars. Most of the ones left have either been wrecked or have alot of mileage on them. I really wanted to buy #79, since that is what my 07 GTH is, but couldn't bring myself to buy a car that had been fixed with the wrong grille and a pony emblem.
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