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  1. A Meguiar's rotary buffer set on 3.5 using their chemical compound formula works well for me.
  2. I was out in Las Vegas for league meetings 10 days ago and just had to buy these metal signs for my garage wall:
  3. lbj

    Just Because I Can

    Well darn, while parked in a grocery store parking lot, someone swiped the eyes. They were there when I parked it. Oh well, I figured that might happen.
  4. lbj

    GTS's in events

    I drive mine often, just not really far. The current mileage is fairly low, a paultry 13,995.
  5. lbj

    GTS's in events

    Pretty much. Car shows around here are in the summer and some are in parking lots. It's gets really hot just sitting there guarding the car. Then there is all the prep work to make things even more perfect looking than normal. I am getting up there in years and it's kind of inconvenient.
  6. lbj

    GTS's in events

    Hey, I finally won something. Several folks got these but my Mustang was the final award before the winner's trophy was announced. I came in 2nd in the 2010+ class that included all modern muscle cars, not just Mustangs. Now that I have something on the wall in the garage, I will not be entering anything again.
  7. lbj

    Shaker 1000 Problem

    I am suprised they even make a player where it is possible to insert 2 CDS, one on top of the other.
  8. lbj

    Just Because I Can

    Thank you for the kind words.
  9. lbj

    Just Because I Can

    I actually like it regardless if it falls under the pimp my ride header. These were designed for 11-13 Mustangs. Because it's a GTS with a fiberglass hood, I will need to alter the driver side cover a little with a dremel to get a better fit.
  10. lbj

    No More Gts?

    Yeah, I just looked at the Build One area and there is nothing for 5.0 Coyotes except for the 2015 Mustangs. Ohter than that, it looks like Supersnakes for the GT500s and a Shelby 1000.
  11. The spare wheel arrived. It's darn close to the AM GT4 version. While not an exact match, only an owner would would notice the subtle difference.
  12. That's a lot of tire. I'd probably need a wide body kit for both the front and the rear.
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