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  1. I mainly dealt with Hillbank motor sports and Shelby store ... For the rims American muscle still has the 20x9 gunmetal razors parts are still aroun just got to know where to find them
  2. Wait I said that twice wow I'm out of it today .. It's one of those days lol
  3. Thanks man! Btw I received an email from Shelby stating once the car has all the components for the cs6 it can still be registered as a Shelby cs6 I'm in new York so the closest Shelby mod shop would be Tasca. So I guess I'll just wait til I get brakes and suspension and then just have Tasca complete it
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    Im working on a cs6 build. I just received an email from Sai stating once my car is fitted with all components from the cs6 it can be in the registry. I have every component except brakes suspension and stripes... The door stripes did you guys paint it on or is there a stripe kit ?
  5. just a question i tried calling Shelby American and got no answer left a message and didn't get a call however I'm really close to being done with the conversion. I have every single part on my car except the brakes and suspension. If I do save up more money to buy the brakes and suspension can I take it to an authorized Shelby Shop and possibly get it registered as a Shelby. I'm hearing the program is shut; sell it and buy a gts etc. This is my first car I'm only 18 and I'm proud I somehow managed to save $10grand so far just on parts and installation.
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