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  1. Thanks much to Mike (@SGT0767) for generously shipping me out a new sticker! I really appreciate it. My detailer promises not to screw this one up. My car will be whole again!
  2. Thanks everyone for the help. It was really depressing to see it messed up. Mike, I appreciate it, PMing you now.
  3. I attended the 2012 Shelby gathering at Carlisle and got a beautiful gold 50th anniversary set of hash stripes. I based my car around those stripes (black car with gold stripes). I'm having my car detailed and the detailer just went over the hash marks and lifted all the black out of the 50th anniversary emblem! Does anyone have an extra one that they're willing to sell? I'm really upset because I've taken such good care of them to have them ruined at this point is depressing. Richard
  4. Just as Norton said there's one screw, two clips, and a bit of 3M adhesive tape holding the old piece in. The screw and clips came out easy (there was a snap sound popping out each clip, but no damage done to the OEM hood vent). There was a bit of 3M tape but an Exacto knife took care of that. I was going to tape off the area to prevent damage to the surrounding paint but my wife had pulled the vent out 80% before I returned with the tape. We didn't bother. Tip: Put a towel or blanket over your engine to protect against the inevitable dropping of washers/screws during the install. Saved me twice. Follow Steve's instructions and you'll be fine. Mine didn't have any waviness to it but it did take two months to get here.
  5. Mine arrived on Friday, I had it installed in 30 minutes. Mine's gloss black with polished and cleared diamond grille insert. The thing looks like it's a factory piece, very nice! It's hard to imagine the car now with the old plastic piece... Highly recommended mod.
  6. I'd love to see a side-by-side with a standard hood. How much extra clearance does it offer? It's academic because $2K + finish + paint is too rich for my blood, but I'm curious.
  7. @pgodden don't fight the modding obsession!
  8. Jer, The 2010+ wing set comes up as a 404 page not found. It might be because of the name of the file. Can you remove the +?
  9. Thanks!, I love my car. I wish Shelby and Ford had offered gold striped anniversary model in 2012. Oh well, it never hurts to ask.
  10. Hi Jer, Not to hijack the thread but this is relavent: I was wondering if there are any 50th Anniversary faux gas caps for sale for a 2012 GT500. I've seen pictures of them on SA's literature in the past, but can't find them for sale anywhere. My '12 GT500 has gold 50th anniversary hash marks and stripes, and the faux gas cap would be the perfect thing to complete my car. Thanks!
  11. Wow, I'm really wringing my hands. Does anyone know how all 9" wheels would look on a 2012 GT500? I've always wanted wider, not narrower on the rear end... Other than that I want a set.
  12. Congrats! Is your car a show car or do you drive it?
  13. Thanks for posting the pictures! It let me be there in spirit if not in person. Here's hoping to see you all next year...
  14. Everybody have a great time, I'm stuck with family obligations this year. Hopefully I'll see you in 2014!
  15. Um, wow. If that pulled up next to me I'd just have to shake my head.
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