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  1. Hi all, I have not posted in a while, been downsizing now that the kids are in, and one is now graduated from college. Moving sucks. Especially when I just got my garage the way I wanted it, but the house sure got to looking bigger and more demanding of upkeep than I remember it when we bought it 25 years ago. Well, I remember posting this question myself maybe a couple years back when I had 30,000+ miles, and as of January 1, 2017, I will have exactly 63,002.2 because that is how she sits now and it's too cold to go out tonight. Besides, on December 22, 2016, the doctors opened me up and pounded a nice spike of titanium into the bone marrow of my left (clutch leg!) femur. I told the doctor before surgery that my relationship with my clutch is important to me, and asked if he could put something in the hip to make me faster off the line. was really slowing down on my shifting, and I was loosing smoothness as my bones were rubbing together and wearing out, resulting in "notching" - yes, feels just like I had a ratchet wrench in my hip. He did give me the same type he would use if one of the Red Sox players or Patriots players broke something and needed a hip. Titanium, with polyethylene-porous tantalum acetabular components and ceramic. He declined to install zerk fittings for me, though, so I hope it is lubed well. I thought new hips were for great-grandads, I am 58 - no grandkids even (although the pressure is now on my son being that he just graduated from Stony Brook University on Long Island with a Chemical and Molecular Engineering degree - and, just to make the old man jealous, his very first real job out of school is in the Advanced Engineering Group of the Powertrain Division of G.M. at the Milford, Michigan proving grounds, testing the fun stuff. Sorry, I digressed. I find the Shelby is wonderful on the wide open interstate, especially during the late night (my preference) or early morning when no one is on the road. I really enjoyed going to visit my son in Michigan this summer, it is about 800 miles from where I live in Massachusetts to Novi, Michigan, a nice place to stay. My radar detector with the nice BlendMount w/ the MirrorTap power supply keeps everything neat and stock. Plus, with my current setup, I do not ever have to turn it on as it is ignition wired and runs when the car does (of course, I can turn it off the I want - like driving through the Peoples Republic of Washington DC where they are illegal). Looks like a few people are gaining on me mileage wise, so I better get off these crutches soon and start driving aimlessly again!!! I love putting seat time on the car, and it still gets a great reception at the gas station, post-office, etc. Take care, Keith 2013 Shelby GT500 / SVT Package / Track Package / Recaros / Navigation / currently running Michelin Pilot Sport A3+ / The only one, I think, Race Red stripe delete with the dealer adding back the stock side stripes in white, only (no OTT). 2003 Ford Expedition 2008 Kawasaki KX-250F 2006 Yamaha YZ-125
  2. Wow! ebucky and I have almost the exact same milage - 36,000+ Actually, I am a tad behind at 36,540, vs ebucky's 36,857. I guess it's time for me to figure out how to create the sidebar that lists everything about my car(s) in grey text under my post. Keith (Toxicologist)
  3. When I first got mine, I promised myself I would only drive it in perfect weather, in no traffic (early Sunday mornings, etc.) and keep it perfect at all times. That promise did not last long - I just realized that it was more important to me to be in the seat shifting, accelerating, steering and (sometimes) flying around. So I do have a few tiny stone chips in the windshield and front bumper paint, etc. but since I am 56, and tomorrow is never guaranteed for anybody, I decided to drive it until the wheels fall off - then put new wheels on it and drive some more. I enjoy looking at it and cleaning it and working on it, but only in anticipation of driving it. Of course, I do not drive it in the snow or ice - and I take my truck if it looks like a bad rainy day; however, I am not worried if I get caught in the rain. I helps that a friend of mine owns a Mobil station and lets me use the lift if I want on Sundays when the mechanic is not there - I have even detailed all the plastic under the chassis with an armor-all equivalent. 2013 GT500 Coupe / SVT / Track Pack / Electronics / Shaker 500 / Race Red - Stripe Delete but had only the side stripes put on by dealer / Recaros Keith
  4. Hi All, I just posted the K&N Part Number for the 2013/2014 Shelby Cabin Air Filter by K&N (#VP2020) on my last topic, and while at the K&N Site, I noticed that they are selling, for $262.99, a billet aluminum oil filter with a stainless-steel mesh filter that you clean and reuse every oil change (K&N Part Number SS-2010). [Disclosure: I am not in any way associated with K&N; however, I do use their engine air filters in my cars, and now their cabin air filter in my 2013 Shelby GT500 and all my motocross bikes use their engine air filters and my KXF250 uses their stainless steel mesh reusable oil filter]. Because I have used their reusable oil filter on my motocross bike, I was wondering if anyone has used their reusable automobile oil filter. Looking at the specs for it, the only difference I noticed compared to the stock pool filter is the lack of an "anti-drain-back valve". The filter photos look like it would be a quality part - for $262.99 it better be! Any thoughts? Keith
  5. Cabin Air Filter is K&N Part Number VF2020, also, I will start another thread about their billet oil filter.
  6. I guess it boils down down to the fact that our beloved Carroll Shelby is dead and buried - may God rest his soul - He would probably spin in his grave if he saw the quality issues being reported herein. He was not a builder as he was with Ford in the 1960s for the early GT350s / early GT500s, but he was involved with SVT for the 2007 - 2013/14 GT500s, and at least he even drove 2013 GT500 test mules / pre-production cars.
  7. Just changed my stock cabin filter with the new K&N cabin air filter. I have 35,620 miles on mine and have been driving it since 7/7/2012, so the stock filter was quite dirty. Easy to change, just undo the 2 screw-clips covering the passenger-side firewall bulkhead grill cover, tilt it up (you do not have to remove the wiper arm like you do on some models) and reach in to remove the filter (and it's holder) together. Take old filter out of holder, put new one in holder, replace. The stock filter is a flimsy piece of "tissue paper" the K&N is very robust and well made. Note that the K&N Cabin Filter uses a different cleaning solution than the engine air filter and it is not oiled, instead, it is sprayed with a special cabin filter only spray to recharge it.
  8. Now that the 2013s and 2014s have been out there a while, I was wondering if people were actually driving their Shelbys or putting them in their garage, on blocks, in the dark, wrapped in a plastic bubble with dehumidified nitrogen being pumped in, at a constant 45 degrees F. Anyway I thought it would be interesting if people would post the miles that they have on their cars and, if anyone never reset one of their trip odometers (I only use "A" for trips, I have never rest "B", so I have a defacto engine hour meter). 2013 GT500 Coupe / SVT / Track Pack / Electronics / Shaker 500 / Race Red - Stripe Delete but had only the side stripes put on by dealer / Recaros / Builders are Keith & Kevin (interestingly, my first name is Keith - was quite happy when I first opened the hood and looked!) Ordered 2 weeks before Carroll died. Received 7/7/2012 Driving: Lots of highway and 4-6 hour trips from Mass. to Long Island at night (to avoid traffic) typically 75 to 95 MPH No track yet, but quite a lot of "fun" so it is being driven almost like I "stole it" Total Miles on car: 35,620.8 From the "B" Trip Odometer, never reset since new: Hours: 1,135:16:51 (note, the hour meter only goes to 999 so it "flips over" to 000 at 1,000 hours but it is easy to keep track of) Gallons Used: 2,512.5 Ave MPG: 14.1 (actually, 14.1701 dividing 35620.8 miles by 2512.5 gals.) So who has more miles?
  9. If you go online to "tire rack" and enter 2013 or 2014 mustang shelby gt500 coupe they give you the only sizes that will fit on the stock 2013/2014 rims. The offerings are the Michelin "all seasons" or the summer-only Pilot sports. Tox
  10. UPDATE: Hi all, The Michelin A/S 3 "all seasons" fit perfectly, even though the rears are 1/2" wider than the stock Goodyears. I put them at 37 psi in my garage so that when I drive in 20 degree weather they will cool down and be at about 35 psi as per the specification for tire pressure. When I took them out, the difference was incredible - it is like driving at 75 degrees with the Goodyears - yes, I can break them loose with too much throttle, but I can now comfortably go where I want without worrying about my Goodyears cracking or even breaking at sub-freezing temperatures. The Michelin's ride is excellent - no tire pull, no change in alignment needed, they even grip a tad on ice (like most good all-season tires do). That little 1/2" of extra width in the back tires is just noticable visually, and looks awesome! I have taken them up to speed (XXX) and there is no interference, rub, or touching even on bumps. I have not really tried to do any "performance" driving yet because just like motors and brakes, tires should be "broken-in" for 1,000 miles or so. Toxicologist
  11. Note: I mistakingly originally posted this in the main Shelby Forum - sorry if you read this already there! Hi all, I live in the freezing cold Boston Area. The stock Goodyears, as everyone knows, suck when it is under 50 degrees or so. They are undrivable at 0 (zero) degrees F. Thus, my GT500 is in the nice warm garage, waiting for some new tires. I was looking on Ebay the other day, and someone had purchased a brand-new 2014 Shelby GT500 (with the performance package and track package) and they were shipping it to Shelby American for an upgrade to something, and they had listed the brand-new Wheels and tires that came on the car. Four wheels (list price from Ford is $1,700 each!), and four tires (new), for $2,800. Done - I could not login in to PayPal fast enough. I received them and they are in perfect, new condition, so I aired the tires down to 18 lbs or so, and put them in my nice warm garage shelving. Then, I ordered 4 (2 front, 2 rear) of the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 from Tire Rack and they just came in, they look real nice. The front tire is pretty much the same size as the stock Goodyear, however, the rear is about 1/2" wider in the tread than stock - they look good, you notice the slight size difference by eye. Now, I am going to take my existing wheels with their worn-out Goodyears (25K miles) off the car (and put my new wheels on temporarily so it does not sit on blocks) and throw my new Michelins and the old wheels and tires into the truck and take them up to my buddy to have the new ones mounted on my original rims - I'll trash the old tires. Therefore, I will have new summer tires and wheels for June to October, and my Michelins for November to May. I will post if there is any problem fitting them on the car with the extra width. When just I looked on Ebay, there were 2 complete new sets of Wheels with new tires for the 2013/2014 (same exact wheels and tires) GT500 that were being sold for $2,500 to 2,800 or so. If you decide to buy, be careful as there is also a set of the "standard" 2013/2014 Shelby GT500 wheels w/tires (now Performance Pack and Track Pack car). Of course, I took the time to clean and wax the new wheels from Ebay (just dust on them), I will do the same for my existing wheels when I take them off. Toxicologist
  12. Thanks everyone. I just checked today, still no VIN number. The 1-800-334-4375 number to check the location of your order (you need to give them the order number and the dealer number) said my order is "in processing" in other words, the "black-hole" of neverland. Regarding the strip issue, I guess I should have ordered it with stripes, the pulled-off the OTT, but interestingly 3 out of the 4 2013-Shelby GT-500s just delivered (pics on the different forum) to customers on the other forum are stripe delete. Tox (Keith)
  13. Thanks everyone. I guess I do not realize how lucky I am to be buying a '13 GT-500. Just going back to high school in the late '60s, my first car was a '67 Camaro, 396 , 4-speed manual, 4.10 posi, Marina Blue with white bumblebee stripe, bright-blue interior with white details (I have not yet seen a prettier interior). When the gas crunch hit, cars went to hell fast. In the '70s what was a kid to do? That's right, buy a van - put in carpeting, curtains, etc! In the '80s and 90's, the only motor fun I could find was 4-wheel drive trucks and motocross bikes. It was so bad in the late 80s that all cars were limited to 85 MPH speedometers!! I truly thought I would never have a new muscle car because they would not exist, and the old ones would be priced out of reach. Anyway, up to the present, I have a few questions for the group: 1. Does the '13 GT-500 have the dreaded "skip-shift"? If so, is it an easy (electronic) defeat? 2. I got a stripe-delete because I just want the side stripes and you cannot order it that way (it's all stripes or none) - is it easy to put on the side ones? Some people suggest having them painted on instead of applying the tape, any thoughts? Thank you, Tox (Keith)
  14. Hi All, I spent years on the Ford Expedition Forum, still have it, but I just ordered a 2013 GT-500, race red, stripe-delete (I like the side stripes, not so much the over-the-top, so I will add side stripes later), recaroes (sp?), electronic group, svt package, track package, car cover. It was ordered 3/28/12 from my dealer. Any idea when people are getting build dates? My dealer said he was allowed to order only 1 this year (small-medium sized dealership), is that what others are finding? Price I got = Sticker +1,000. Am I doing good, bad or in the middle for $? I look forward to sharing tips and experiences once I get it! Tox
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