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  1. I'm adding an intercooler to my car, and I'm using the OEM 2013 GT500 pump. I want to use the currently vacant relay location in the exterior fuse box (position #42 for the 2011/12 GT500, and #15 for the fuse). I'm having a difficult time finding the relay part number for the relay. I found a fuse box diagram, and it shows as a G8VA relay (interestingly, the #41 relay and #43 relay show as the same "G8VA" relay). I found a G8VA relay here: TheElectricalDepot.com - Omron G8VA-1A4T-R01 Automotive Relay (20-amp) Is that the right relay? Pic for attention
  2. If I ever have to move, I'm totally screwed.
  3. - Replaced the OEM V6 radiator with a FRPP part. Cruising with 210 showing on the temp gauge was freakin me out. - Installed a BlowFish tow hook (no welding required, and very little trimming of the front fascia. - Finally got the hood painted/installed.
  4. I want one, but my wife is steadfast in her requirement that I only have one toy at a time...
  5. If we get any, everyone is armed, so no worries. California and New York are on their own.
  6. It's not the law, but it's a good idea.
  7. I'm not concerned about my neighbors. They all know that I'm always armed, so they're really polite.
  8. Video from March 19: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rqla2AR3YM
  9. Not ready for that yet - fighting lean condition at part throttle under load. Parts are inbound as we speak.
  10. Got some big-n-littles (SVE wheels and Mickey-T's)...
  11. I'm in san Antonio - maybe we'll see each other at Cars and Coffee...
  12. The gauge pod also suffers from some warping due to exposure to the heat of the sun (and that's probably why it's loose as well - the dash surface probably wasn't prepped very well (it's held on with two-sided tape).
  13. Why would Roush use a saleen supercharger? Roush does have a coyote crate motor with their own supercharger on it, but they only claim 600hp.
  14. At cars and coffee last weekend.
  15. It's dangerous to drive, not because I can't handle the power, but because people are so busy taking video that they forget they're driving on the highway. I was almost run into have a dozen times yesterday morning.
  16. I'm trying to get someone to get a video of the car on the freeway as we speak. Measuring for the hood begins in the next day or so... I'm starting with a Cervini 2-inch cowl hood.
  17. I am, once again, a danger to myself and others.
  18. On Wednesday evening, I took it to the shop that's gonna install the blower. As of yesterday, we have the blower installed, the cooling system reconnected, the fuel system reconfigured and connected, the new electric fans mounted, and the linkage setup started. Still need to connect the fans, clean up the electrical (because of changes in sensor placement and removal of A/C), and mount/connect the breather tank to the valve covers. We hope to fire it up sometime today, and if that happens, there will be videos. (It's gonna whine like an ex-wife looking for more alimony.) Here are last night's progress pics:
  19. That ain't chrome, it's polished aluminum, so no worries.
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