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  1. FYI…I called SVT to inquire what levels of ethanol are safe using the OEM tune. Tom from SVT indicated 10% is safe. Since many states mandate ~7%-10% I assume it must be a design criteria at this point. Tom will get back to me regarding higher levels of ethanol such as E20. There are many myths floating around out there about ethanol and I highly recommend you do your own research before jumping on a bandwagon. Personally I have been running E20 in WI for ~3 years now with no noticeable change in performance or mileage. I've now converted the mighty 2000 Town&Country (daily kid taxi) to E85 with a $369.00 kit from White Lightning.com. We're on our 4th tank of E85 and have notice ~ 5% reduction in mileage, a change in driving habits (digital throttle wife) could likely get me back to the 17 - 18mpg range. Based on the difference in $/gal at the pump I'll realize a ROI in < 6 months even at the lower MPG rate. Oh, and topfuel dragsters use ~12 gallons of methanol (wood based alcohol) per run...now that's impressive!
  2. I had a very similar experience and am fairly convinced I didn't receive my OEM parts, but rather someone else's with higher mileage. The returned parts look similar to the photos posted and yet my car was delivered by railcar to SAI directly from Detroit. Yeah...I know that sick feeling.
  3. .............. I have attached a list of parts and prices that I think should have been returned. If you see anything that is wrong please let me know. The number of parts and prices for the stripes I think is wrong. I don't know if they even return them, but I just went off a list on a Ford Parts Site. I can also attest to the frustration of the return parts program, however, before sending Adrienne a bill consider this: 1. The door sill plates bend and twist when removed and are no longer of significant value. 2. The engine cap set is just that...a cap set that fits over and glued to the existing reservoir caps. 3. The OEM hood vents are removed and modified, so all that's left is the center scrap. 4. Stripes are all torn and wadded up when heat gun removed. 5. The faux gas cap ring is glued over the OEM...look close, it's there. 6. OEM muffler tips are welded to the muffler. 7. Fuel injectors? I certainly agree there should be a "returned parts" list to set expectations right from the start. When they explained how the transformation is done it became a bit more palatable, but still a disappointing experience.
  4. Yes, they all do although my oldest (7yrs) is more reserved in his emotions. My 19 month old daughter loves riding in the back with the top down, she pulls out her scrunchy and shares daddy's smile every time.
  5. The bottom picture in post #23 is a great shot of the rear brake duct. It's molded from black plastic and has an aluminum edge on the bottom of the intake. The duct is tucked just under the rocker and routes back to the rear backing plate as one piece. Flexible tubing makes the connection. Control arms stay the same and no, I didn't get the 6 piston brake up-grade.
  6. Below are the videos I took on a country road near my house. We had fun doing this and you'll notice my son's reactions are not contained. May thanks go to my wife who struggled keeping the camera steady while posting over the tunnel in the back seat. Videos include a hard acceleration drive by, a deceleration drive by and a semi-hard run from the drivers perspective. I also have a trip around the block from the driver's perspective but am having trouble with the upload. This last video would give you some idea of the drone many are concerned about. Again, please remember this is a convertible…individual results may vary. I have ideas for two more videos, but need a little more time... Enjoy! -MMc
  7. Additional pics for your review.... I also took some audio/video last night and will post as soon as I can. Cheers -MMc
  8. I went to a car show last night. WOW, I could not believe the crowd my Shelby drew! All I did was answer questions and accept compliments for two hours. Then it happened... a kid was driving past in his moms minivan gawking at the show, dropped his ice cream in his lap which of course demanded his visual attention. The van swerved as he looked down and jumped the curb hitting a tree, deploying both air bags. Luckily the kid was OK, but the wrath of mom & dad was yet to come. My "To Do" list includes: Exhaust audio clips ...(I have some great thoughts on this) Engine pics Exhaust tip pics Additional underneath (i.e. suspension) pics I didn't think owning this car would be such work! I did add an avatar... though not as "nice" as jokers.
  9. It's been storming here lately, but tonight we're going to a local car show (weather permitting) and will take the audio/video clips on the way. Again, sorry for the delay. Here are some additional photos of the underside of the car. -MMc
  10. The 1 -2 shift happens so fast I never really looked, but agree with CWHR 2nd will pull to about 80mph and 3rd 115mph...all in the first 1/4 mile. I stop looking down after that and concern myself with the road ahead. The car is amazing to drive and requires a lot of responsibility on the street.
  11. I'll do a couple of sound clips over the weekend and post links on Monday. I'll also have pics of the underside of the car. The brake duct work is nice, especially the rear scoops. Anything else you guys would like to see?
  12. Actually the hardest part was refraining from calling SAI twice a week, which is something everyone should be aware of when moving forward with any package. Consider this, SAI has a limited staff to take phone calls and answer questions. Every minute you spend on the phone with them is precious to someone else as well. SAI, although overburdened with success, operates with integrity and honesty. My advise, although hard to swallow, is to be concise and to the point with conversation and trust the fine folks at SAI will do it right. Your patients will be rewarded. Anyone who has been there knows the amount of work Amy has brought into SAI. I realize this is no excuse for allowing customer service to slip, but if everyone did their homework before calling for answers we would essentially be helping SAI win success.
  13. Give this a shot, I used Grabbers "easy to use" instructions to create a photo bucket of full sized images. I also need to get some of the underside of the car. We borrowed a camera when I took it to the dealership but I don't have the patch cable. Cheers -MMc
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