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  1. If I have a VIN of a "Shelby GT", where do I go to see if it is really a Shelby GT and what the CSM number is for this VIN? Thanks in advance!
  2. The car is at a Mitsubishi Dealership so I don't think it was the original seller... Here is the ad, Want to know the Shelby GT #. Example: 07SGT1234 How do I get this number from Shelby to confirm it belongs to this car? LINK: https://ane.capitalone.com/vehicle-details/1ZVHT82H175341655
  3. Looking at this 2007 SGT with VIN# 1ZVHT82H175341655. Is is authentic and if so what is the Registration # I.E.: 0000 07SGT Thanks! Jerald
  4. A rare 1 Limited Edition Fender Stratocaster Carroll Shelby Guitar with strap, tremolo handle, travel case, original tags, builder's tag. Serial Number on back of head. Made in 2009. Very hard to find one for sale. Only 100 ever made! NOT SIGNED BY CARROLL. ONLY$1500.00!!! WILL THROW IN A $90.00 GUITAR STAND I USED AT CAR SHOWS TO DISPLAY THE GUITAR IN FRONT OF MY SHELBY. LOOKS GREAT ON THE STAND!! Email: art4tees@comcast.net Atlanta, GA Area
  5. Hard to find "Carroll Shelby" sIgned airbag cover & COA for 2007-2008 . REDUCED!!! $1500.00 If interested email me at: art4tees@comcast.net
  6. I'm looking at possibly replacing the Shaker 1000 in my 07 SGT with a 7" touch screen system. I assume they can run it through the amp and woofers in the trunk. Anyone do this lately and which system is the best value for the money?
  7. I have the grill, grill housing, SHELBY lettering and lettering backing plate. I understand that the lettering is mounted on the front of the grill with the pins inserted through the grill and the backing plate behind the grill. Then the flat friction fasteners hold it all together. Is this correct? If so tell me this.... The pins hit the grill grid in various places which makes it difficult if not impossible to achieve the goal here. 1. Do you use a Dremel drill and drill out the places in the grill where pins hit? 2. Can you just attach the lettering to the backing plate and mount that on the front of the grill and grey the same effect or does it look tacky> Frustrated trying to do tho and need help from someone in the know and has done . there are other SGT's that have done this so any help is appreciated. Picture attached shows how it will look when completed.
  8. Maybe I could add a small video camera in the center of the black portion of the lower fascia. That would be nice huh?
  9. Meant to specify that the protector would be clear rubber or plastic... Not a color.
  10. Is ther something like a rubber type edge protector that would fit along the bottom of the front fascia to keep from beating it up when parking, etc? Just had car repainted and need to find something to protect that bottom edge and from me...
  11. I have a Kenne Bell SC already so the cams won't be added to boost HP, just love the sound... My Shelby Tech here in Georgia will buy, install and write a new tune for the car for $1400.00. Good deal!!
  12. Anyone out there have cams on their 07 Shelby GT? Is this something that may be frowned upon? Looking to maybe do it but wanted to know the pros and cons...
  13. Various shots of the car's arrival from Missouri and being unloaded.
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