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  1. Just put on 295 Michelin PSS on the stock 13 GT500 rears, the look and fit great. I’ve seen 305s on others, but don’t care for them. Installers likely won’t install larger than 305s.
  2. I'd like to get a stainless braided clutch line installed to have a bit less notchy feel in the clutch. Van at Revan Racing sent me the part saying its a 1 hr job, not difficult on a 13 GT500. Went to Shelby and was told it is hours of time, including dropping the transmission? And its not needed. How could the opinions be so different?
  3. Mine didnt get a second look, but exhaust is stock.
  4. Nice! ...I cant imagine how hard they will be to keep clean.
  5. Working Friday Jeff, I can likely only attend some of Sat/Sun events. I'll keep an eye on it till the event.
  6. I keep hoping that Shelby will offer a limited package for just the Saturday and Sunday events (space allowing) for those of us living in Vegas who are not making the CA run. I called to ask, still no info on that.
  7. The air intake just after the air filter has a baffle from the factory. Buy a resonator delete from Ford Racing and you will gear more whine.
  8. Pic from an earlier post. I bought the Drag-37 wheel in 19" from Discount Tire for $170. Then bought a used Michelin Pilot Sport 255/40/19 tire off ebay for $70. The tire and wheel combo fits the wheel well perfectly side to side, but sticks up about 1 inch. Bought a scissor jack and 4-way lug wrench and keep it all under the spare, which is locked down by the hook and bolt that comes with the inflator. With the trunk mat down, you dont notice at all. Im sure it would work fine in 18" for GT500 older than 2013, just make sure the offset is correct
  9. Vizz, welcome. Many of the GT500 owners get out to Cars & Coffee Saturday mornings on Eastern and the 215 in Henderson. Check it out.
  10. Got this Hot Wheels from K&N. I dont need it, if anyone wants it, PM me. $10 should cover all costs.
  11. Just installed, pretty easy. I dont need the Hot Wheels car though, if anyone wants it, I'll mail it to you. $10 will cover it incl. mailing. PM me.
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