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  1. No basis for the claim. Just a rumor. Cool to think of the possibility but probably a long ways off.
  2. Birddoc recently switched from a Cervani Type 4 hood to a TruCarbon Light Carbon Fiber Cowl Hood.
  3. I plan to get some good vids of my exhaust posted once time and weather cooperate. It's much louder when accelerating for sure. Much louder on startup as well. But nice and calm at idle and cruising which is ideal to me.
  4. My set up is Dynatech headers and off road X pipe with stock mufflers. Sounds just like what you described. I love it.
  5. haha that's actually a good point! Would be interesting to know where the "Cobra" name came from and why. I have on occasion called the car a Mustang just to dumb it down for people.
  6. Not disagreeing with that. I said those not "in the know" call it a "Cobra" because of the emblems.
  7. I agree. But to be fair it does have the Cobra emblems on it and to those not "in the know" they call the car a "Cobra".
  8. I say either Shelby or GT500. Never Cobra.
  9. While the squeal and dust are annoying, they are also normal.
  10. Couldn't have said it better myself!
  11. Yes stock gears. I've tossed the around the idea of 3.73 or 4.10s
  12. Yes! Sure is nice being close by. As for the question about porting the stock TVS, you'd have to ask the experts. The MPSS do as well as a street tire can with this kind of power, but i have plans for wheels and drag radials.
  13. Hot off the presses! This link is to an article with side by side comparison of the VMP Gen II and stock blower on my ride! Some really good info in there. Enjoy... http://www.svtperformance.com/?p=1932#more-1932
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