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  1. Battery should already be secured with factory mounts and bracket. If you can move it than that's a problem.
  2. Go Pro mounts work very well, I have even seen people tie string to their camera if they are mounted on the outside, (just In case) it falls off. suction cup mounts are exceptable for the Interior Mounting of a Camera or Cell phone as long as they are secure. No loose phones are allowed or any loose items inside of the car. Holding of phones by passengers to record is frowned upon. Morning briefing will go over safety issues and answer any other questions you may have. As for Track Amour tape, some people do use it. Personal preference. I have clear bra and have never used anything else. Yes your clear bra will get nicked up, But that's what it is for. if you want to put Track Armour on, that is up to you. The front of the car gets pretty dirty. I wipe mine down (at least try to) after every session. I hope this answers your questions.
  3. Where did the information get posted that the hotel was going to be Southpoint again?
  4. Any Idea on if there will be a Shelby run from Palm Springs Or Gardenia?
  5. Has this projected itinerary changed at all? Would like to know if there is still plans for registration at the foundation on Wednesday? Michael, can you let me know?
  6. I had to cancel last week Tom, a few unforeseen circumstances came up. Try to make next year though.
  7. We are leaving from my house in Yorba Linda, if you want to meet us there. I can send you the info in a pm if your interested. We plan on leaving my house around 8:30
  8. OnTrackinsurance.com has the event listed on their website for those that want track insurance for the bash
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