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  1. Thanks Steven, I'm going to a different area north of my place, I'll check a few outlets there.
  2. FYI: As of today, 11-7,17, the new 2017 Annual is NOWHERE to be found at The Shelby Store. Additionally, I cannot find it in any of the local stores nor in the Barnes and Noble or BAM. Finally, it is not yet on Amazon. What gives?
  3. I'm not trying to be an alarmist but this was on my Facebook account. http://link.rmsothebys.com/m/09a2c32a9853496fb1f75e1eac73461d/DBD8B9EC/062016 The source says that Shelby American is in financial trouble. Anyone care to comment?
  4. Tracey, Lanyard itself is good. Grey T shirt without date is good, but an upgrade to a polo would be great. CALENDAR and CS BOBBLEHEAD WOULD BE AWESOME!!! Actual vinyl stickers, like a 3" round one like SAAC used to give out, PLUS a 12" Team Shelby sticker. Low profile hat. Those clingy types for the windshield are worthless. I don't drink coffee so a travel mug isn't good for me. Magazine is always great but I've heard there will not be a Shelby annual magazine for 2016.
  5. You have spent a ton of money and your car looks great. HOWEVER, it's not a SuperSnake. IMHO, If you would have just left the SuperSnake stripes and badging off, it would be much better; a highly modded GT500. I contemplated doing the same thing, but a buddy who owns a real SuperSnake, told me you'll spend a bunch of money and it will never be a real SS. Is that what will make you happy? In the end, I modded to make myself happy but I did not do the SS package. My car is unique combining the best of a regular Shelby with a SS and that works for me. In any event, your car looks BADASS!
  6. I have a buddy who has a Mustang with the CS 69's. Looks badass and it's not a problem. If YOU like the look, DO IT!!!
  7. A couple of weeks ago I bought a FRPP Monoblade SCJ Throttle body for my 07 GT500. I installed it, downloaded the BAMA tune and took it for a test drive. After about 3/4 of a mile, the car went into the failsafe mode. I called BAMA and gave them the diagnostic codes and from the codes, they told me I needed to "repin" my throttle actuator harness. I reprogramed back to factory specs, drove home and took the Monoblade TB off and returned it to Summit Racing, telling them it was defective because the throttle actuator was stuck. Here is part of the description of the SCJ Monoblade TB from the American Muscle site: Ford Racing Quality. Precision cnc machined from solid billet aluminum to ensure the highest quality, this Ford Racing oval throttle body comes fully assembled, complete with throttle position sensor, actuator motor, and even includes the jumper harness. And features the Ford Racing logo CNC machined into the top of the housing. I searched several other sites and DID NOT FIND ANY MENTION of a "jumper harness" This jumper harness is what is used to do the repin on the SCJ Monoblade TB. From what BAMA told me, it has to be repinned in order to run correctly. I ended up getting the CJ Twin 65 MM TB and got a new tune from BAMA. No problem with the 65MM TB. Not real happy that Summit, nor other sites I checked mentioned the jumper harness. Thankful that Summit took the Monoblade back as FRPP's come without a warranty. It was literally less than 24 hours all total from the time I bought the Monoblade and then brought it back; again very lucky they gave me my money back. All of the research I did before AND after the fact mention the difficulty with tuning the Monoblade. I believe that the jumper harness and repinning of the TB MUST be done in order for the car to run properly. Again, I'm irritated that that info was nowhere to be found on the Summit web site. End of the story: The 65MM CJ TB works great. Really changed the character of the car as it provides more response and much quicker acceleration. Beezy, it sounds like you may have given BAMA the wrong info to get your tune. Let us know how your situation ended up.
  8. John's a good guy. Glad to see he's close to being back!
  9. I just finished reading his book and it was very interesting. I enjoy watching all the restoration type shows on TV. They beat the other CRAP that's on all the networks nowadays.
  10. Lighten up! Grabber is a good dude.
  11. Got to see one today at the Cleveland Auto Show. BADASS!!!!!!
  12. What I meant was I got a copy of the magazine, not the membership kit. SORRY!
  13. Got mine last weekend. Pretty good stuff as usual.
  14. Viper, that is so true. The 07/08's were the first Shelby's with the s197 retro style harking back to the 65/66 models. To me, the 65/66 versions were the best of the original Shelby's . Same with the 07/08's. Also, other members, don't flame me. ALL SHELBY'S are AWESOME, that's an objective statement. The subjective part is the best ones are the 07/08's. Modding mine a little each year and loving every second of it!
  15. Grabber, That's awesome that you got your pension back. Equally good that the economy picked up as well.
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