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  1. Fast factory hot rod, 550hp with a tune and a new air snorkel, and a smoking priced CPO trade in deal, in the right color race red under 23K mile in 2012...oB
  2. Discount tire has octagon chrome that are a perfect match for my 3 pc HRE890r, one came up missing and I went looking. they are high polish and o-ringed. Cya' oB
  3. I found a local vendor that matched my stripes Exactly in the SUNLIGHT. Worked out great. I think If you call around you will not get the shaft from Ford. Hope this helps. Kevin 817-723-9386
  4. Dennis: do you still do remote tuning/ datalog revisions for tvs 2.3 fuel -2008 gt500 upgrades?? shooting for the 700-ish club..... Regards, Kevin
  5. Wow awesome numbers. I have one of your designed L&M 66mm Throttle bodies, Had a conversation with Jim Larocca a few weeks ago. I am on a quest to upgrade my red beauty to a 500 mile take off TVS 2.3 (factory pulley)/ 56lb injectors w/ my L&M 66mm, JLT 127mm Carbon fiber CAI. Already have the 170° Tstat and Afco fan-less inter-cooler heat ex-changer. I know i need the evap fitting for the rear of the factory plenum, and I read i should port the aluminum "tumor" inside where one of the fittings connect to the plenum. I would like you to please opine on any thing else I need to buy/do for the upgrade, and should I go for a pulley upgrade/ BAP, just want to be prepped for the install so I can R/R and try to avoid the ordering of more parts after i start. I wanted Jim L. to tune my prize hot rod, but no luck so far. Thanks for your time, I think when I was visiting Goose17 and we were talking about pin striping my car me mentioned to ask you. He has the FRPP 750 kit. His car is REAL pretty and powerful, Not as much as yours, but a white knuckle ride for sure. Thank you for your time in advance. Kevin
  6. I am going down this path, L&M 66, L&M elbow, 56lbs ford '13 injectors, 127MM cai, last piece bigger S/C.....And who to tune it. I alreday asked Larocca but he is not tuning now. any suggestions would be appreciated. I understand this is an old thread. Thanks, Kevin klcmcse at yahoo dot com
  7. ford shelby gt500
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