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    I love cars and street racing, I have a 2013 GT500.
  1. other than putting a pulley on there isn't much else. The TVS doesn't whine like the the M122 did
  2. I haven't had the car on the dyno yet. I remote street tuned with Lund. I would guess maybe 790ish WHP
  3. I have been running E85 for 2 months now on my 13 GT500. If you have a 13/14 than all you really need is a 20 volt KB BAP and ID1300 injectors, I also have upgraded to bigger fore fuel rails and lines, Lund remote tuned my car and the only bitch I have is the car is kinda hard to start when cold starting. I test every time I fill up on E85, most of the time its E80, once in awhile ill get E90. Lund didn't go crazy with timing like most tuners do, I'm only at 18 degrees advanced. I do recommend going to E85 if you're looking for cheap race gas. Yes you will get bad MPG, I only get 12MPG.
  4. This is a interesting topic, I guess I would like to see back to back dyno runs from a 3.6 KB vs a 4.0 Whipple, I'm not doubting the Whipple can make big power but I don't see it out performing a 3.6 KB by much if at all. and hey 05mustangman did you ever put that 4.0 Whipple
  5. right on, I kinda wish I hadn't modded mine so much, I kinda feel like I destroyed the value of the car.
  6. I see you have my cars twin in the background
  7. Ever since I adjusted my TPS voltage on my KB 168mm mono blade throttle body I have been getting a P050B, I spoke with Lund about it and he said he sees it happen sometimes with after market T/Bs. I'm just just going to have him turn that code off.
  8. My car is 1 of 22 I believe, it's DIB and red stripes. Not my first choice but I wanted a blue Shelby.
  9. Almost any aftermarket twin disc clutch will chatter its just how they are. I know a few guys that have had problems with the ACE clutches, I personally have had great luck with my Spec clutch, I know Shelby American used to Spec clutches but they recently changed to ACE
  10. Dude that sounds awesome, I need to charge to a OFR H pipe, the X pip is just to raspy
  11. I did, they said they have no write ups for installing them
  12. Hey guys so I just bought the triple pod gauge setup from the SuperSnake for my 2013 GT500, well the gauges didn't come with any instructions, so has anyone installed these gauges and have instructions, thanks.
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