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  1. Love the color combination...congrats!
  2. Cool video, thanks for posting.
  3. I definitely entered! It's fun to fantasize about winning it ; )
  4. I have a triathlon event in Santa Barbara this Sunday but am interested in future evening type NorCal events like this one. Please post if you do something like this again.
  5. I thought everyone would like to know when these start coming in...I received my plaque today and it looks awesome! Thank you Jer, it was worth the wait to be able to have one. I hope everyone else gets theirs soon!
  6. I just put the Synchromax in my 07GT500 and can definitely tell it has a much smoother 1st - 2nd shift. I also used Royal Purple when I did the 3:73 gears. They make great products!
  7. Looks awesome and I love the color combo! I'm thinking of doing the Super Snake hood as well. Did you get the TruFiber version?
  8. Hi Grabber, I did the Tough Mudder Squaw Valley race in Northern California. It was 13 miles going straight to the top on the Squaw ski slops. With no offense to the runners of the events... it is so much hype. You end up doing a lot of waiting at obstacles because of all the participants so there is a lot of down time. I do triathlons so I'm not use to having time to recover. Some obstacles are fun for shock value and some are plain silly. Just to get the full experience, I actually grabbed the "electric shock therapy" wires...I sure got it after that ; ) They are no doubt a lot of fun when you have a good group of people with you but don't worry about training too much for it. I arrived expecting a battle and shortly realized I definitely overtrained for it. If you have any questions please let me know. Bottom line...it will be fun and that's what it's all about! Good luck!
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